The Most Popular Indoor Plants Of Germany

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houseplants wall open shelf DIY jewelry storage

What potted plants occur mostly in German households?

Called the houseplants, or even pot plants, play a significant role when it comes to room temperature and homey atmosphere. How do you think the Germans spend much money for houseplants? According to statistics the amounts to approximately 50 million euro annually, which actually is only 6,50 euros per capita. This is really not a lot, but we set aside the numbers and let’s together, which Potter we Germans the most buy.

Among them you will find 28 plant species that are most common to decorate our homes. You may have one or more of these.

This can be found in the following list the most popular houseplants-

potted green plants easy to grow houseplants

The houseplants, whatever green or flowering, will definitely have a positive effect on the environment in which we find ourselves, and directly to us. In a green room you feel more relaxed and calm. Actually, stress-reducing effect plants and filter air pollutants at the same time. That’s nothing new to you but, right? There are many reasons that you should invest time and money into houseplants. Sure, I need not to convince you. Sometimes you just don’t know how to hold potted plants and maintain and therefore to buy any. There are also such plants, which are robust and need no great care efforts. Looking for a pot flower of the shown below and get notified, what need for care. You have the correct location for this home, she needs more or little light, etc. That can be your new hobby maybe, who knows… We wish you much fun! And now you look at Germany’s most popular houseplants.

Ficus Elastica, rubber tree

the most popular houseplants Ficus Elastica rubber tree

Calathea Zebrina plant

most popular houseplants Calathea Zebrina plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, lucky feather

most popular houseplants Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Money tree

most popular plants potted plants are easy to care for money tree

Single sheet

most popular houseplants single flowering houseplants


most popular indoor plants flowering pot Orchid

Dragon tree

most popular potted plants Pflegenleicht dragon tree

Yucca Palm, Yucca

most popular indoor Palm plants species plants Pflegenleicht Yucca Palm Yucca

Elephant footbottle tree

most popular houseplants elephant foot bottle tree water Palm

Dypsis Lutescens, gold fruit Palm

the most popular indoor plants Germany of Dypsis Lutescens gold fruit Palm


Birch fig most popular houseplants FICUS BENJAMINA


Cactus most popular plants potted cacti


most popular houseplants plants succulent wood flower pot

Oxalis tuberosa, wood sorrel

most popular potted indoor plants flowering oxalis tuberosa oxalis

Hedera Helix, Ivy

most popular plants potted Hedera Helix Ivy

Soleirolia Soleirolii, bobbed

most popular houseplants Soleirolia Soleirolii bobbed

Room ferns

indoor plants popular potted plants room ferns


most popular houseplants indoor plants flowering cyclamen white


most popular houseplants indoor plants flowering azaleas potted plant

Pot rose

most popular indoor plants flowering pot plants pot rose


most popular house plants potted Begonia red

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana, flaming Käthchen

most popular houseplants pot plant Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana flaming Kate

Amaryllis, Knight star

most popular indoor plants flowering potted Amaryllis Knight star

Anthurium, Flamingo flower

most popular indoor plants flowering potted Anthurium Flamingo flowers


most popular houseplants indoor plants flowering hibiscus red

Euphorbia pulcherrima, Christmas star

most popular house plants potted poinsettia Euphorbia pulcherrima

Pot Chrysanthemum

most popular indoor plants flowering pot plants pot chrysanthemums


most popular indoor plants flowering potted hydrangea

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