Tips For Your Geraniums And Other Useful Information

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The geraniums are among the most popular garden and balcony plants of the Germans. From a botanical point of view, these beautiful and long-flowered flower pelargoniums are called, but they are called in the people’s mouth geraniums (Geranium, pelargonium). They are part of the large family of the storks and are characterized by the variety of their flower colors and forms. They are often preferred as a colorful deco for terraces, balconies and other outdoor spaces because their natural grace pleases the eyes. In addition, the wonderful flowers have an important advantage – they bloom from May, unfold their full splendor in the summer and delight us with their blossoms until the first frost in the late autumn. And that is not all: the geraniums are extremely easy to care for, so that they can breed all hobby gardeners and flower friends. So that you can also admire the natural charm of these garden beauties on a monthly basis, we would like to present the most important tips for your geraniums.

Geraniums decorate balcony and garden all summer long

Geraniums in the blumentopf for the housing decoration

Matching location, perfect vessel and real soil

If you have decided to cultivate geraniums at home, we recommend you to select young plants in the flower shop. It is best to plant them on the day of purchase, as the flowers are sensitive to light. But first choose a suitable location – this should be sunny and well wind protected.

The geraniums keep a lot of sun, but a too strong wind can break their shoots, flowers or leaves. The perfect containers for these flowers are balcony boxes, pots large tubs, which absolutely have a water extraction hole. The earth must be permeable and well-ventilated, for the geraniums do not like gloom. In the retail trade, you will find ready-made fertilizer for geraniums, which would be the best possible. During the implantation the rule of thumb must be observed and between the individual flowers about 20-30 cm clearance should be left free. The geraniums grow fast and bushy and need this gap to develop well.

With us, the geraniums are not used until after the Ice Saints – in the middle of May – in the soil

Gardening pelargoniums breeding tips for the care

Pouring and fertilizing – the essentials of geranium care

Basically the geraniums need a lot of water. The rule is that you must water your flowers regularly, but avoid possible frost. Pour into the hot summer even two times daily – morning and evening. It is recommended to water only a little. Do not use cold water, it does not do the flowers well.

For their good growth and splendid bloom the geraniums need regular watering

Geranium fresh decoides for the garden in summer

Pelargoniums are regarded as”heavy-hearted”, that is, they remove many nutrients from the soil. For this reason, they must be fertilized regularly, in the flowering phase for example once a week. As already mentioned, you can still take fertilized soil for the planting and choose a long-term fertilizer. In both cases, your plants are well lifted.

The geraniums are considered to be care-grown balcony flowers, but they need regular watering and fertilization

Geranium in plant pot as an excellent balkondeko

Surviving, cutting back and multiplying – what do you know about it?

The Pelargonien are originally from South Africa and are accustomed to a warm climate. Nevertheless they can survive well the ice cold German winter with proper care. First you have to remove dry leaves and withered flowers, cut back all shoots down to 10 cm and bring them to a bright wintering place. There the temperature should be between 5 and 10 degrees C throughout the winter. Sprinkle the flowers from time to time with water so they do not dry out. It is only on a warm spring day that they can go outside again. First you have to loosen and reduce the root ball and replant it. So you have your own geraniums! Otherwise these flowers can easily be multiplied by cuttings. You can find out more about this in the following video:

In a bright place, the Pelargoniums can easily overwhelm

Geraniums in red adorn the outside

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Geraniums as hanging hammocks get the view
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Geraniums for the window deco
Geranium beautiful decals for the entrance

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