To Multiply Roses: By Cuttings You Succeed Very Simply

To multiply roses is something only for the professionals or for very experienced hobby gardeners? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Today we show you how to easily grow your beautiful roses through cuttings from June to August. With this method, you can not only multiply your already existing flowers, but also use branches of roses from other gardens, such as those of your friends, and thereby create your very own rose paradise with little effort.

Roses multiply by cuttings in summer

Roses multiply by cuttings in the summer

Simply multiply roses: The instructions

Although the method of propagating through cuttings is quite simple, you will need a few things as well as sufficient preparation and of course some practical tips.

You need:

  • unfertilized potting soil or normal garden soil

  • some sand or coconut fibers

  • a little clay granules

  • a branch of roses

  • secateurs

  • Plastic bucket or container

  • Plastic bag or bottle

And this is how it’s done:

First, prepare the potting mix.

In a larger bucket, mix the potting soil with the sand or the coconut fibers and the clay granules. The latter binds the excess moisture and makes the soil more permeable. This prevents waterlogging and mold growth.

Now take the already worried Rosenzweig in the hand. For example, biennial, woody branches, fast-growing roses such as climbing, groundcover or rambler roses are best suited for this purpose. Edelrosen, on the other hand, are not recommended for the Steckling method.

Growing roses through cuttings is easier than you think

roses multiply rosary branch woody

Just tear off the one branch of the rose branch to create an uneven tail. This can be shortened a bit with pruning shears. The Rosenzweig itself shorten then on about 20 cm in length. It is best to remove the foliage so that the branch does not lose extra liquid.

Place a drainage grid or cloth in a suitable flower pot and pour in your potting mixture until it reaches about one third of the pot. Then put your rose cuttings in the ground and fill them with the rest of the earth. Pour plenty of water afterwards.

You can also put several cuttings in a flower pot

roses multiply through cuttings flower pots plastic jars

Little trick: In order to keep the moisture evenly and rarely have to re-pour it, it is advisable to attach a small plastic bag with rubber band to the flowerpot. So, so to speak, a mini-greenhouse and the Steckling receives perfect wax conditions. To make this optimal, you can still excrete small holes on the plastic bag with the scissors.

In 3 to 6 weeks then drive the first green leaves on Rosenzweig.

Important tip: Do not fertilize your cutting at first, so that no extra liquid is withdrawn.

Soon the first results will show…

roses multiply june august cuttings

Plastic bottles are also suitable as mini-greenhouse

roses multiply by cuttings
roses multiply mini greenhouse with bottle

In this way, you can prepare quite a lot of rose branches as cuttings

Roses multiply through cuttings in the garden

Another interesting method for roses multiply in the water

Roses multiply through cuttings in the water

Even more unusual seems to be the propagation method with potatoes

roses multiply with potatoes

Either way you will be presented with beautiful rose petals and heavenly scent

roses multiply cuttings method
Roses multiply through cuttings simple method

And how you cut your roses correctly, you will learn here

by multiplying cuttings roses

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