Visual Protection Planter Bucket – Visor Can Also Be Decorative!

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Everyone who has their own garden certainly has something to consider, as simply to make the outdoor area a wonderful resort: and how to protect this recreation area from prying eyes. So the visibility comes as an important garden element in the foreground. Especially now, when the weather invites you to have nice moments in the open air. Actually you have a great variety in the range of visibility. There is also no lack of creative ideas. A visual protection could be created, for example, with planters. So if you have a vision fence too traditional and somehow boring, then you have a possibility that sounds much more attractive: And it is called visibility planter bucket. Let’s see how it actually works!

Large and robust planters meet the role of a visor quite well

Visibility protection plant bucket large plant bucket as decoration and protection

Through the visibility you can define your own garden From these of the neighbors. It is practical and reliable. A decorative value can have this as well! A green look with plants certainly provides it! This is why you decide for a visibility with planting anchors not only in your own garden, but also on the balcony and on the terrace.

The recreation corner on the balcony protect from foreign glances

Vision protection plant bucket large plant containers as visual protection on the balcony

What to consider when choosing

With planters you protect both the garden, as well as balcony and terrace. If you are looking for the right vision with plants, then you should take care of some things:

  • The correct proportion plays a big role, because visually the visibility should make a nice picture. The best approach: a third planing bucket to two-thirds of growth height or vice versa.
  • Above all, it is particularly important that you take the size of the plant container with the plant itself in consideration, so that the plant thrives well there.
  • The height of the planter and the plant volume together form the visual protection. Depending on whether you use the outside area mainly for sitting or standing, you should consider the correct height of the visibility. If you use the garden mainly for recreation, you could reduce the standard height of 180 cm of such garden elements to 150 cm.

Bring a fresh flair to the terrace!

To protect the outdoor swimming pool terrace and to protect the privacy

What types of visibility with planting anchors exist?

  • Framing: The repetition of only one vascular and plant size at the same distance is a good procedure, which ensures a uniform garden look.
  • Island: You could group the plant containers as an island and create a recreation oasis.
  • In the series: You only need to protect the one side of the outside from outside glances? Then arrange them where they are needed.
  • Single plant: Riesengroe Planting vessels with solitary plants are only targeted where they are needed.

Practical and aesthetic solution for uninterrupted outdoor conversations

Protect the plant bucket to protect the recovery area

The material

The entire garden design is closely related to the materials used. You could create beautiful contrasts in the garden by selecting the right material. Steel, aluminum or clay. What should be the bucket for your garden?

Planters in Betonoptik are a stylish garden idea

Visual protection plant builders creative and beautiful garden plants with plants

The right color

The color also plays an important role in this case. Depending on how you want your garden to look, use the appropriate shades. Colors also influence our well-being. Make flowers in magnificent colors in a neutral plant container, give the exterior a stylish touch. In contrast, planters with fresh color nuances ensure that you feel puddle-free…

Let the beautiful flowers come to life through matching plant pots

Plant protection functional gardenides with plants

Which plants are suitable for use as visual protection?

The number of plants that could provide a nice visual protection is great. Woody plants are perfect for this. Many of these are also suitable for visibility hedges. Large container plants are also a nice solution.

  • bamboo
  • roses
  • Clematis
  • Buddleia
  • hornbeams
  • Spindelstrauch

Functional solution for the modern terrace

Visibility protection plant bucket on the balcony and gravel

If you are a proud gardener, do not forget to consider a suitable gardening protection! In certain cases, a visual protection element is not desired or not possible. Planters then provide a great remedy. Try to achieve a beneficial effect garden design , Then put on a planting plug for your gardening protection. They protect it and at the same time give it a higher aesthetic value!

Plant containers in white captivate the view

To protect the privacy of foreign visitors
Visibility protection plant bucket create a recovery oasis with many plants
Garden furniture, modern garden furniture and creative gardens
Visibility protection plant bucket relax in the garden
Visibility protection plant bucket protect the recovery zone from foreign visibility

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