What Does One (not) Know About The Lemon Geranium And Its Use?

One can write long and in detail about the healing powers of plants and there will still be something to add. It is fascinating how many plants we see every day and even use for culinary purposes, have a beneficial effect on us. For today’s article, we have chosen the many benefits of lemon geranium. However, we will endeavor to enrich you with further useful knowledge about the medicinal herbs. Now we can see what lemon geranium is and how it can help to improve our lives.

Everyone knows the lemon geranium, but the few know how healthy it is

lemon geranium blossom

What is the lemon geranium?

The lemon geranium or as everyone knows it, the lemon geranium is a very common balcony and indoor plant that has proven useful and healthy in many situations. The plant can be multiplied quickly and is also really easy to care for. Obtain a lemon geranium and benefit from its great properties!

The well-known balcony and houseplant can also bring benefits to our health with a single fragrance sheet

lemon geranium leaf femininity

A very simple example: Rub yourself with 2-3 leaves of lemon geranium in the evening and pull off in the summer. You will finally be able to enjoy the evening outside in peace. Why? Because no mosquitoes will approach you. The essential oil, which is in the leaves and why the geraniums smell so wonderful, keeps mosquitoes away and works well with stings. In addition to antibacterial, the lemon geranium can still be responsible for a charming experience of the taste buds.

You can also use the natural pure essential oil of geranium and benefit from it

lemon geranium blossom essential oil

Effect and application of the lemon geranium

Because of the enchanting scent and the beneficial effects of the lemon geranium is preferred in many areas as a remedy or baking additive. It is said that even a sheet of lemon geranium is the first aid to alleviate earache. Using the pure essential oil brings the emotions back into balance and is even successfully used against depression. Lemon geranium supplements are also preferred in intestinal complaints and fight well parasites in the intestinal area.

Nothing refreshes better and cools off more permanently than an ice cream flavored with fresh lemon geranium leaves

lemon geranium blossom leaf for ice cream

The aromatic oil eliminates mosquitoes and keeps away ticks

lemon geranium geranium oil protection against insects

What else should be known about the lemon geranium, except that it eliminates mosquitoes and improves the mood?

With real lemon geranium or with a natural geranium oil, you can conjure up fantastic dessert masterpieces. If you like the aroma of the geranium, you can use it to prepare ice cream or the summer cake and combine pleasure with effect.

Last but not least, one takes geranium or its products for regulating and relieving monthly complaints.

Ask for the geranium essential oil in the health food store or health food store

lemon geranium geranium sugar oil

The geranium on the windowsill does not let mosquitoes or flies into the apartment

lemon geranium leaf femininity health

Try the lemony aroma of geranium the next time you bake a cake

lemon geranium blossom leaf pie

Herb butter with a difference – dare to prepare several dishes with the medicinal plant

lemon geranium blossom geranuim butter

Sweets can be re-evaluated, even if they include healthy

lemon geranium geranium sugar

Any dessert enriched with ethereal aromas will automatically become special and special

lemon geranium blossom aroma confectionery

The oil of geranium protects against ticks and you can finally learn undisturbed outdoors

lemon geranium geranium oil park

Mosquitoes like to stay away from the strong aroma of lemon geranium

lemon geranium geranium sugar muecken

Naturally and harmless you can protect the children from insects

lemon geranium geranium sugar children

There are numerous geranium varieties and it is always worthwhile to have them all in the garden or on the balcony

lemon geranium blossom species

Cake and fruit bread with geranium flavor are unique and very effective

lemon geranium blossom cake

Jams and compotes are good for the fresh lemon fragrance of geranium

lemon geranium blossom fig compote

The plant and the vegetable oil are used sensibly in natural cosmetics

lemon geranium blossom geranium oil

A homemade and refreshing lemonade can be even more delicious with some leaves of lemon geranium

lemon geranium blossom lemonade make yourself

For quinces and peaches the scent of geranium fits perfectly

lemon geranium blossom quince
lemon geranium blossom soap
lemon geranium blossom summer cake
lemon geranium geranium sugar aetherische oele lemon geranium
lemon geranium geranium sugar cream
lemon geranium geranium sugar skin
lemon geranium geranium sugar rose geranium
lemon geranium effect diy candles
lemon geranium against muecken
lemon geranium effect