What Houseplants Need Light?

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what houseplants need light

Pot plants need little light

Do you have indoor plants in your home? Green plants and flowering pot plants create a homely atmosphere and have a positive impact on the environment. So they are a clever and cool decorating idea, which we highly recommend you. And if you think that only old ladies and pensioners understand much of plants and cherish this right and can maintain, then you’re definitely wrong. There are also easy-care plant species, you could easily maintain as a beginner.

You will have no excuse that you have no indoor plants, because following potted plants are robust and need no special care or special location. They can thrive in shady areas. And if you forget to pour them regularly you have but don’t worry, they will not easily die. Should we look what houseplants need light? We present a short list of six plants for dark rooms.

What houseplants need light? Following six room plants are easy to grow and thrive even in dark rooms

luck spring indoor plants low light dark rooms

1. luck spring, Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

This plant is easy to care for and adaptable. She can thrive in the shade, as well as on sunlight. Practically, or?

A green plant that needs little light

luck spring indoor plants low light dark rooms Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia can grow up to 1,50 meters high

luck spring indoor plants low light Zamioculcas Zamiifolia

2. nest fern, Asplenium nidus

All Asplenium species (species) are easy to clean and need not much light. A shady is quite suitable for it half shady location at normal room temperature.

Nest ferns need slightly higher humidity

nest fern pot plant indoor plants dark rooms

Asplenium Nidus differs from the other species of fern

what houseplants need light nest fern

If possible, change not its location and make the nest fern never direct sunlight.

Foliage – wide, bright and slightly rippled on the edge

Houseplants for dark rooms nest fern

3. Schusterpalme, Aspidistra

The Schusterpalme like low light locations and should not be placed in direct sunlight.

Sign flower, Metzgerpalme and iron plant are the other names of Schusterpalme

what houseplants need light Aspidistra Schusterpalme

Broad, leathery leaves

Houseplants for dark rooms Aspidistra Schusterpalme

4. Ivy tute, Epipremnum Pinnatum

The Ivy tute, called still Monstera, is a popular rank plant that tolerates no direct sunlight. A too dark site is not suitable for this houseplant. Find a beautiful half-shady place for them, so that their leaves do not discolour.

Ivy tute in the bathroom

what houseplants need light Ivy tute bathroom plants

Ivy bags need more light than those who have dark green leaves with a light pattern

what houseplants need light Ivy tute Ivy

5. Kentiapalme, Howea Forsteriana

This is one of the most popular indoor Palm plants. It can very well thrive in the apartment and reach a height of about two meters. In the summer she should be far away from the window and direct sunlight, can be placed outdoors, but also in the shadow. She can withstand more natural light in winter.

Young Kentiapalmen need higher room temperatures

Kentiapalme potted Palm indoor plants low light

Far away from the window

potted Palm Kentiapalme indoor plants low light Howea Forsteriana

In summer the Palm needs to be cast more often

potted Palm potted plant indoor plants low light Howea Forsteriana

6 green Lily, Chlorophytum comosum

Find a place without direct Soneneinstrahlung. Otherwise, the Green Lily like slightly sunny locations and not much water.

The Green lily is growing relatively fast

Houseplants for dark rooms green Lily pot plants

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