5 Garden Design Ideas How To Enjoy Your Garden Even In The Rain

From the”REGEN”,”BEWÖLKT”is already”BEAUTIFUL”. – Klaus Seibold

Nature. It allows us to get in contact with the animal and plant world around our home, to get away from the often stressful everyday life and to let the soul dangle.

The design of your own garden is a matter to be devoted to for a while. In order to make it as practical, comfortable and dreamlike as possible, some important decisions have to be made. But do not just think about the sunny days! Even if the weather is not so nice, you can enjoy your garden – with the help of suitable precautions – even in the rain. At this point, we would like to take care of you and give you a few ideas about how you can experience the rainy weather in the garden.

The following constructions help you to make individual areas of your garden rainproof.

Garden design ideas with garden

Garden and pergola

The garden leaves Is a small open building that allows you to stay protected from the sun and rain outdoors. Building materials and designs are vastly diverse nowadays, which is why you are spoiled for choice. The garden-like is also the pergola. However, this is usually not equipped with a canopy. Here you should either coat a waterproof fabric or have a roof built, for which you may need a building permit. Both options are costly and elaborate, but they are also real eye-catchers in your garden. Besides, they look not only outrageously good, but also provide shade and rain protection – just a cozy place that invites you to linger.

Folding pavilion as garden design ideas

Pop-up marquees

Significantly more cost-effective than the previous design ideas are folding pavilions. Their erection and dismantling is straightforward and is therefore fast from the hand. In terms of transport, folding pavilions also score due to their handiness. As a result, they can be positioned at a different point almost instantly when needed. If you opt for a waterproof model, your feet will always be dry during rainy weather. You can find more information about folding pavilion here ,


A design idea, which is currently on everyone’s lips, is modern sun sails. They bring a maritime flair to your garden and thus provide individual accents. But even if their name suggests – solar sails are not only used to protect against aggressive sunshine, but are also to a certain extent also water-tight. Even (lighter) wind can not do much damage to these usually very resistant constructions.

Awning for garden and terrace


The awning is usually a frame construction with a cover, which is fastened to an object, although freestanding models are now available. They serve primarily As sun protection and visibility , But the market also offers special rain awnings that keep you safe from wind and weather. Depending on your choice, you can then retract and retract the awning as needed using a crank or push button.


“A parasol that serves as a rain cover? How is that supposed to work?”, You will ask yourself now. And yet, this is possible with umbrella models, which have a special fabric that keeps the sun and rain away. Together with the folding pavilions, this is the cheapest option for our design ideas, so that you should also find a budget with a small budget.

Have you already decided on a variant? Not yet? Then let our ideas go through your head again or look for other sources for inspiration.

We wish you much success with your search and many pleasant hours in your garden – even when it is raining and shuddering.

Garden design ideas with sun sail
Rainproof sunscreen for the garden
Water resistant garden pavilion for more enjoyment