Clever Gardening – Practical Tips And Tricks For Saving Space

Space savings is an increasingly important issue in garden design. There are as many ways as you can accommodate a large number of objects. The effort is quite small and it costs quite little in most cases.

The innovative space-saving garden design ideas are also generally quite universal. They can be realized both in a small garden and on small terraces. They are used successfully as vegetable and flower arrangements.

A great idea for space saving

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Reuse old furniture

Are you planning to throw this away? Think about it again. It could be that they are transformed into great facilities for the garden. For this purpose the most varied pieces of furniture are used: drawers, old tables, chests of drawers, benches.

Do you have old furniture?

Gardening old furniture chest of drawers

Hanging garden from old bottles

From these can be made wonderful hanging gardens. Dress them with fabric in matching color, if you want them to fit well with the surrounding ambience.

Do you collect old plastic or glass bottles?

Gardening used plastic bottles hanging

Original flowerpots made of plastic bottles

Garden design diy idea wall flower pots plastic bottles


Have you cut off building blocks in the garden? This will make wonderful plant containers. You save space, money, time and the result is fabulous.


You may wonder what fountains have to do with space-saving garden design ideas? Here is the answer: They can be converted in different dimensions and some variants are really small. They help to irrigate and make a great turning point.

Alternatively, you can create a miniteiche from a large planter or large bathtub

Gardening space saving mini garden pond


For gardens and terraces with a steep slope, a niche or window sill, space can be saved by integrating steps. Build and distribute plant containers on the new surface.

You can also stack wooden boxes on each other

Garden design wooden boxes on the floor vegetable growing

Green fences

You should also use this. Thus, these practical facilities gain in aesthetic value and you spread your green surface.

On walls and fences there is always additional space for the plants

Garden design europalette vertical garden

Arrange the kitchen herbs on a practical wall shelf

Garden design old aluminum containers plant bucket herbs

Old chests of drawers or drawers are very welcome in a space-saving garden design

Gardening old wood furniture

Cool upcycle idea with old wooden barrel

Gardening old wooden barrel tree containers

Where to go with the vintage oven?

Garden design of old metal stove

Metal tubes save a lot of space when you grow fruit and vegetables

Gardening old vertical plant stands

Cozy inner garden full of life

Garden design flowerpot wall flower pond pond

The small garden to Feng Shui

Garden design feng shui gardening zen fountain

Use every place in the inner courtyard in an optimal way

Garden design wood plant bucket flower plants

Make your very own succulent mix

Garden design wood frame succulent vertical garden

Think not only horizontally but also vertically

Gardening space saving beete flower plants

Walls are animated with green stuff

Garden design space saving plastic containers flowering herbs

Garden design old tin cans flower wall