Concrete And Other Suitable Materials For Modern Garden Fences

The contemporary garden is minimalistic and the plants play a subordinate role in it. This is why the architectural elements are also very strong. The fence forms the framework of the garden and largely determines its character. For the contemporary look to be preserved, there are some materials that are particularly suitable. Learn more about the possibilities for the design of modern garden fences in the following article.

The fiber fence garden fences can be in several colors

Fiber cement garden fences modern garden

Garden fences made of fiber cement

Fiber cement is a very modern material for exterior cladding of buildings. He is also great for working out the garden fences. Its texture is very appealing and reminiscent of wood. So, fiber cement is an ideal compromise between nature and modern lifestyle.

This visibility combines concrete and nature

Concrete fences nature


With concrete, you always achieve a contemporary style with industrial flair. It gives you the industrial look and is also a great background for lush greenery. Concrete fence would be about perfect for the so-called current garden.

Even minimalistic garden concepts, which include clear geometric forms, would be marvelous.

The color of the corten steel is a great background for green plants

Cortenstahl green before it

Corten steel

With its wonderful reddish color, a steel fence is the ideal background for a rustic style garden. It would be a suitable background for the separately positioned compositions, as well as for the encirclement of whole farms.

Riffelblech is a perfect neutral background for the modernist green garden

Zen garden design with rifelblech fence


With riffelblech you give the inner courtyard a modern appearance at a particularly reasonable price. The whole is finished and very modern. The structure of the material brings a dynamic way into the composition in a subtle way. The galvanizing is again a great background for the most different plants.

Glass panels provide an open character in the modern garden

Garden fence in a modern and luxurious house

glass panels

The glass panels are not exactly the best solution, but the effect is fabulous. The small garden is visually spread by the mirror effects. Choose frosted structure if you want to protect your privacy.

Metal plates offer little privacy, but very much elegance

Great examples for garden fences made of metal plates

metal slats

The metal plates perfectly frame a contemporary garden. This is a sustainable and elegant solution, and at the same time it looks very interesting.

Depending on the point of view, a fence will change its visual appearance. So you could make your yard a real art installation.

However, the courtyard will remain visible from the outside.

The faucet garden fences are ideal for the particularly modern house facades

Garden fence from great armature


This is an effective solution for all, for whom private security is not such a high priority. This is the ordinary fitting. Similar to the metal plates you have an artistic effect. For more stability the combination with concrete is recommended.

Gabion fences are an increasingly popular choice for garden fences

Gabionenzaun installation

Gabion structures

The gabion constructions are a kind of wire boxes that are filled with natural stone or other materials. They were formerly used for historical buildings, especially fortresses. Today, coastal areas are also protected against flooding. In the meantime, gabion designs are also popular with the garden design and they fit perfectly into a contemporary garden.

Brown garden fences for gardening

Several colors of a garden fence made of wood panels

wood slats

After all, you should not neglect the simple option of the wooden blocks. This is a classic variant, which is also very popular. Place the bars horizontally rather than vertically.

Faserzement garden fences in rustic style

How do I make the right choice?

Thank God, there are many contemporary opportunities for the zaung design. But how do you choose the best for yourself? The fence should correspond both to the façade and to the surrounding area. At the moment, the outdoor area is also an extension of the living space. In the ideal case the fence should correspond well with the interior design.

After all, you must decide how far your private space is to be protected in the garden, as well as how much you have to invest in the installation and maintenance.

The editorial team wishes you lots of fun!

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