Design Aspects Of The Theme”Hochbeetet”

The subject of”laying up beds”is usually considered for practical reasons. The advantages for the Modern garden design Are in fact many. Bunk beds facilitate early sowing and allow good harvesting. The plants used there are less susceptible to frost. In a raised bed you can also reach a better ground quality. The simplest care is also decisive.

However, the garden design with raised beds also has an important aesthetic or creative aspect. We will focus on this in this article.

Think about the interesting colors and figures when you are applying a high bed

Brick frames and interesting figures

Materials for the frame construction with the theme”Hochbeetet legen”

Let’s take a look at the main materials that are available to you when you want to create a raised bed. Wood and stone are still the most popular. With the advent of minimalistic and ultramodern garden concepts, many also opt for the metal.

Stainless steel comes first because of the attractive appearance and because it is easy to care for. Further possibilities are the modern coconut mats and plastic. Let us now consider the individual possibilities.

Even the simplest raised bed can be accentuated by appropriate colors and materials

Wood great color flash accent

Apply a wooden high bed

From a constructive point of view, wooden bunk beds are perhaps the easiest solution. This material is selected for the low construction. You can also build higher beds. From a design point of view one has in terms of processing Several different possibilities , The rough wood looks rustic. A Provence appearance can reach you through the faded white paint. This is true for the environment. Also important is the external appearance The wood species , The choice between the most frequently chosen ones, such as the jaw or larch, is therefore also decisive from a design point of view. A natural garden could also benefit greatly.

A raised bed can make the backyard very comfortable

Upholstery of stone in the front garden

Stone as a material for the raised beds

Stone offers a variety of possibilities for the creation of raised beds. The surrounding walls can be created from natural, sandstone, bricks or even tiles. In terms of design, you also have extensive possibilities with this material. Tiles look mediterranean, bricks are rather traditional and also rural. Natural stone suits the environmental style and at the same time to many minimalist, modern concepts.

If you are looking for a neutral and transformable variant, the sandstone would be perfect.

All variants of the stone look sophisticated and stylish.

Bunk beds made of simple materials can also look stylish

Metal and wood raised bed

Raised beds made of metal or plastic

Floors made of metal and plastic are a modern and economical choice. They are therefore often preferred. However, plastic is not very environmentally friendly. In terms of style, such raised beds are neutral, but they are not particularly elevated. By creative and elegant design with color you can bring them to a higher level. A simple and very environmentally friendly alternative are the cosmos. They can have a neutral effect or bring an exotic note into the garden.

With a raised bed, you can use garden corners optimally

Interesting form hochbeet

Combinations of different materials and floor plans

The modern garden design can benefit greatly from the combination of different materials and interesting ground plans. Metal and wood offer a gentle and harmonious transition between traditional and modern. Geometric ground planes make a garden design appear very modern regardless of the material.

Raised beds can correspond to the inner ambience

wood beets

Raised beds as an extension of the living space

A major concern in modern garden design is the expansion of the living space. To conclude this article we would like to present the topic”raised bed”in this context. This kind of garden design fits very well with modern living. In it, the clean lines, as well as the seamless appearance are super useful. By making bunk beds in a similar way, they are made to correspond with the interior. Through such a garden design one contributes to more comfort and comfort in the outdoor area. The raised beds also appear as a kind of extension of the living space.

Here we have a combination of decorative raised beds and seat bench

Seat upstairs

This becomes even clearer if you use partially flowering plants with a decorative effect in the raised beds. This is something more and more common. Not infrequently, the use of decorative plants and vegetables in the raised beds is often combined. There are many variants that achieve both a practical benefit as well as a good aesthetic effect.

The extension of the living space through raised beds thus includes the multifunctional use. The frames can be used for many purposes. A very often chosen option is to combine the raised bed with a bench. Other ideas include the zoning, the visual protection, the provision of interesting viewing angles, perspectives, etc.

Look at the wide range of materials and associated forming languages ​​as great opportunities. Be aware of this, but make sure you bring out your own individuality. This is precisely because of the great advantage of the raised beds in modern living and garden concepts. Use this for the perfect feeling in the open air in your own home.

And so you create a raised bed step by step:

Herb garden in the raised bed
Wood upholstery
High-level vegetables
Wood and green
Interesting rock form
Modern simple raised bed
Natural stone light and neutral
Red wall of bricks
Simple eco elevation
Environmentally friendly
White stone raised bed
High-bed extension of the seat
High-bed extension of the seating area
High bed with bench