Garde Shower – The Desired Cooling On Hot Summer Days

High summer… The sun’s heat seems to be almost unbearable on some days. What do you dream of in this summer heat? We can only guess in the editorial office – water that brings the right cooling! Some fortune fungi have wide gardens and enough financial resources, they can become an enviable garden pool In the outdoor area. But one can also live modestly and content with something smaller. Here, you only have to put your creative thinking into play and you can soon have the desired cooling in your own garden. We would like to help you with this and show in our article cool tips for the design of a garden shower! It’s all about interesting design ideas for outdoor showers that would seduce you all summer long to stay outside and cool down in the open air. These outdoor showers tempt you in the summer heat to get just under the shower and enjoy the cool water.

Modern garden shower – the cheap alternative to the pool

Outdoor shower

The modern-minded person is always trying to give himself new extras in the outdoor area, which guarantee him pleasure and relaxation in the everyday life. These include the outdoor showers in all their shapes, sizes and models. Here, however, we will neither list their numerous advantages, nor write about possible technical innovations in the field of garden showers.

We are more interested in the creativity that everyone has in building his outdoor shower. So here it is first and foremost about clever ideas that bring us cooling and showering experiences on hot summers.

Now the word group”fresh and clean”gets a whole new meaning for you!

Garderusche with glasstüren pure relaxation

Glass walls for a seamless connection between indoors and outdoors

In recent years, a strong trend in house design has become more and more popular. Architects, interior designers and house owners are eager to have the border between the outside and the outside melded. Glass walls are used well and allow the barrier-free transition from the bathroom to the sun-drenched garden shower. A small cultivation secures the necessary space for the garden shower and you have easy access to the desired refreshment on hot days. A wooden or stone wall protects your privacy and stops curious looks from the outside.

Little place to use

After a few hours of gardening, you will surely want to refresh yourself. Dust and dirt can be washed off in the shower. For such a pleasure, you do not need a lot of space, but certainly a proper screen. An old stone wall would be the perfect solution to protect you from prying neighbors.

When designing your exterior shower, you can have a striking design

Gartendusche creative and functional ideas

Suitable materials are combined with a lot of garden greenery

Each robust and weather-resistant material is suitable for the construction of a garden shower. Everything really depends on your own design concept. Rustic flair provide stone or brick walls as a visual barrier, but different types of wood such as oak and teak can also be used for the same purpose. The manufacturers use stainless steel such as brass, stainless steel and aluminum for modern cooking shakers. Decisive is always the design you choose. Also the shower floor covering can be designed in various ways. In most cases, gravel and / or hardwood are used. But larger stone slabs, weather-resistant tiles and stone mosaics are also good ideas.

And for the romantic baths there is the excellent possibility to shower in the middle of a lot of garden green. Place the cooking bowls next to or under an old tree! Each time you shower, you can feel the nature close up, observe and get to know each other better. This shower experience is unique and can not be compared with anything else! All brave bad-spirits can put your garden shower in the middle of the lawn and have fun with the shower. A modern and very practical version of the garden shower is shown in the enclosed video.

Enjoy the hot summer days and treat yourself to the desired refreshment under the open sky!

Rustic design adds to the charm of the past

Bamboo cooks contribute to a rustic look

Gravel and teak are the most preferred materials for the shower flooring

Gartendusche refreshing gardenides for hot summers

Amidst lots of green showers

Gartendusche unique idea for outdoor spa area with water and lots of green
Garde shower gardenide for freshness and relaxation
Gartendusche ideas elegant solution for the summer garden
Gartendusche beautiful ideas for the garden in summer
Garderusche combine stylish materials and colors
Select the right material
Carpet various materials and colors

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