Garden Design Examples – Practical Tips And Fresh Ideas

Even among the kind gardening examples there are fashion, good and bad practices. We find that here, as in any area, you can also leave something in the old year and take other things into the new 2015.

Here are some examples and tips for planning, execution and maintenance of the garden area ready for you. We find that they are great and earn a place on your memo for 2015. So do you want to warm up in cold January through our garden design?

Thus the ideas for the great garden design are prepared

As in all other areas, the good results are only possible with good planning and preparation. If these have been carried out, one can also feel the wonderful results.

Gardening examples – garden pavilion

Garden design examples garden garden pavilion

Good designers have, after the first time they have looked at the landscape, usually have up to three variants for their design. These can then be displayed graphically. This is done in a very vivid manner. Thus, the personalized kind of garden design examples arise. This makes it easy to choose what is most appropriate for the particular case.

So this is possible! Ask your designers about the individualized models for the design of the green area. Do not be satisfied with any gardening examples of absolutely unknown and strange landscapes.

Mediterranean garden design with pebbles

Garden design examples pebbles ceramics urns

What you have to bring as a prerequisite

So that you can get great individualized garden design examples quickly, you should make a good preparation yourself. Above all, it is that you carefully compile some important information.

You need a plan of the village and also the location opposite the building. Everything has to be displayed on a suitable scale. The peculiarities of the terrain must also be described. All inclinations, hills, inequalities, and even the nature of the earth must be represented.

If you have certain floor coverings that are included in the planning of the new garden design and the examples of these, these must also be shown on the plan.

All the installations – for water and electricity – must also be mentioned. Your budget must also be available before the gardening is done. On the day when you want to discuss the details with your consultant, you should take sufficient time with you. Because only in this way can all important questions be chopped off and you also come to a super great end result.

Round shaped with beech tree

Garden design examples buchsbaum round

Of course, the gardening examples can also be prepared by someone in the company. Usually, however, this is easy enough so that you can do it yourself. If one were to choose this variant, one could logically invest more resources into the garden design examples.

Interactive garden design examples

The interactive garden design examples are very common. Through this, you can quickly grow the one or the other plant on your plan and then supplement it with others. In the end, however, you will need a consultant again. In particular, you should carefully select the varieties of the green plants with regard to sustainability. Find out more about all types and how they grow in your climate conditions. Furthermore, it is of fundamental importance as to how they affect the environment and the other plants, as well as the animal world around them.

A colorful flowering peninsula

Garden design examples

Fountain and bench

Garden design fuchsia fountain

Feng Shui garden

Garden design examples feng shui garden

Ancient statue and geraniums

Garden design pictures geranium stone sculpture

Pebbles and green grass

Garden pictures green grass pebbles

Make order with wooden boards

Gardening pictures wooden boards

Small Japanese garden

Garden design examples japanese garden

Mini Steingarten

Garden design examples of small styles

Pergola and striped lawn

Garden design pictures circles grasstreifen

Mini herbal garden

Garden design examples of herbs

English garden

Garden pictures mini english garden

Wooden steps, large natural stones and mulch

Garden design examples coniferous wood steps

Magnificent rose cascade

Garden design examples roses arkade

Clearly defined areas

Garden design examples ruheecke bank

Exotic with palm trees

Garden design examples stone tiled palms

Steinplatten-Weg and Holzpergola

Garden design examples stone pergola

Curved garden path

Garden design examples stone path

Stone staircase and petite flowers

Garden design examples stairs

Small pond with wooden bridge

Garden design examples

Spacious with waterfall

Garden design examples waterfall pond

Garden Whirlpool

Garden design examples whirlpool flowers
Garden design examples rattan furniture