Garden Design: Ideas And Inspiration For The Perfect Garden

Gardening is a great pleasure for most people. Anyone who owns a property or has a garden leased, usually also thinks about garden planning. There are many ideas for the expansion of the garden. Garden fans, who are aware of the style of their garden, can go creatively to create a harmonious, serene garden landscape. Some tips, design ideas and some inspiration for the design of the perfect garden, we have briefly summarized here.

The extension of paths in the garden

Garden paths are necessary and can contribute as an important element to the successful design of the garden. There are countless possibilities for the creative garden planner to incorporate beautiful paths into the garden scene. Plates, paving, concrete blocks, natural materials such as gravel and grit, as well as natural stones, are among the most popular materials used for the construction of garden paths.

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Also wooden paths have a lot of charm and are particularly decorative in the garden. Different materials can be combined well when removing the paths. Steel and wood often give a coherent picture. In the execution of the work, which is necessary for the installation of the paths in the garden, it is advisable to get the one and the other professional advice.

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Waters in the garden: biotope or swimming pond

A biotope in the garden with frogs and dragonflies, plenty of reeds and lush water lilies, is a magnificent view. Here, there are quite individual design possibilities. If the adapted habitat for animals and plants in the garden is however too expensive, has the possibility to integrate even with small streams, a well or a swimming pool water or water surfaces into the garden.

Gardening ideas garden pond watering lotus

Yin and yang in the garden design

Attention should be paid to the proportion of the water area in the garden. A water surface, which is too large in relation to the house and the garden, can be too dark, soft and cold, according to the law of yin and yang. A water surface should therefore be surrounded by beautiful plants to compensate for the energy conditions. Lotus flowers are, according to Yin and Yang, the flowers of the summer. They stand for friendship, peace, peace and harmony and should not be missing in any garden pond.

Stairs in the garden: view instead of pure convenience

The pure functionality of a garden stairs Is usually detrimental to beautiful garden aesthetics. Stairs in the garden can be a real highlight and even an experience. Concrete moldings give garden stairs and entrance portals a noble and high-quality appearance and are an alternative to wood. However, when wood is used, wood also provides an appealing look for transitions and stairs on the garden plot.

Garden design idea garden stairs natural stone wood

Use light in the garden correctly

The garden lighting plays a great roll at the perfect Landscaping , Skilled spotlights are able to immerse the garden area in a charming light. Particularly idyllic and romantic are spotlights in the water. When combined with luminous floor coverings or modern fiber optics, a garden atmosphere emerges, which is irresistible. Easy to use in the garden area are light emitting diodes. The effective Landscaping With light there are hardly any limits. There are also torches, still lights, fireplaces and lanterns, which are perfect for a harmonious garden lighting.

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