Garden Pool – Here You Can Live Your Swimming Pleasure Properly

All Großstadters who do not have holidays during the summer most likely have a common dream: after the long and stressful working day immersed in the cool wetness of an outdoor pool and leave all the everyday worries behind. Right now in the summer, each one of us longs for refreshment and relaxation. A garden pool can give you the desired cool freshness and also bring lots of fun for the whole family. An outdoor pool would make your outdoor area look very special and turn immediately into a favorite place for children and adults. At the pool you can spend hours and enjoy the tranquility of the water. Many want to jump into the cool water and pull some tracks in the water. Others prefer to sit on the edge and just enjoy the time with friends and family.

Here you can experience a wonderful summer

Gardenide small swimming pool and decorative stones

Perhaps you have already realized your dream for a well-being oasis, right? On our website you can continue to search for practical tips on how to create a swimming pool in the garden itself. Or have you already designed your personal wellness area? Then you are a real lucky fan!

If you do not yet have a garden pool, we have put together a great picture gallery for you, which encourages and inspires you. Here you can see garden pools of various shapes and sizes, with masterfully designed backdrops and a stylish outline that leaves no dreams unfulfilled. See all the photos in peace and find the best design to plan your garden pool!

Infinity is a synonym of well-being

Gardenide with swimming pool infinity pool in its own outdoor area

This breathtaking infinity pool surely brings some envy or brings you back to your last vacation on the warm Mediterranean coast. Here you can swim to the horizon and think of nothing. Only the feeling of well-being is important!

This classic garden pool is easy to enter through a few stairs

Garden pool ideas for a beautiful relaxation area

The classic garden pool design looks just like this: a rectangular pool occupies the central garden area and is the real eye-catcher and attraction outside. All around you you have arranged individual recreation points. The white sunshades offer enough sun protection on hot days. Here everything is thought out perfectly and invites you to relax and have a cozy get-together.

A garden pool is not necessarily large, also a small swimming and paddling pool is in many cases completely enough

Garden swimming pool design and blue accents outside

In the city is the living space limited, so also the outdoor area. But do not let your head hang because a pool can fit into a small garden and turn it into a luxurious retreat.

The garden pool can be much more luxurious, even with integrated whirlpool

Gardenide with swimming pool pure relaxation in the summer

Classically and absolutely charming in style Palm Beach, Florida

Gardenide with pool fancy design and unforgettable experiences

Recharge your batteries while you are in the sun, because the next pool party starts in the evening!

Gardenideen outdoor spa in its own outdoor area

The splashing water also refreshes

Garden pool design for small area

Contemporary outdoor pools offer a modern design and many more extras for the complete bathing fun. The next examples will convince you. Firstly, all the garden pools shown here are great in every outdoor area. You will appreciate the garden so that you can spend unforgettable summer hours during the whole summer while bathing and relaxing. The modern garden pools have cascade-like running water, which is pleasantly splashing. Modern tiles cover and surround the swimming pool, integrated lighting makes it particularly attractive in the evenings. However, one step has been taken, thanks to the innovative technologies, a modern outdoor pool can be heated and used independently of the weather outside. There are also modern facilities for the self-cleaning of the water, the cleanliness and perfect swimming pleasure guarantee.

Do you like to listen to the softly rippling water?

Gardenide modern swimming pool and garden area around the pool area

A narrow path, overgrown with grass, leads directly into the pool

Garden pool design with stairs

This garden pool is the favorite place of the family all summer long

Garden pool ideas for a pleasant and pleasant outdoor area in the summer

The pool writes seamlessly into the garden landscape

Gardenide water and plants create a relaxing oasis

The garden covers round off the look

Gardenide with swimming pool and garden

The modern style of this garden pool radiates aesthetics and offers bathing comfort

Garden pool design for the backyard and unusual garden path

The underwater lighting makes the pool particularly tempting at night

Garden pool trendy design and beautiful optics

Let yourself be inspired by the following enclosed pictures and immerse yourself soon in your own garden pool! We sincerely wish you all the best!

Gardenide beautiful swimming pool offers more enjoyment in summer
Gardenide swimming pool and matching furniture make the summer great
garden pool-modern-design-with-minimalist-trains
Garden pool design for a larger area
Garden pool small swimming pool in the backyard
Garden pool small swimming pool and ample vegetation in the small garden
Garden pool with modern design and green
Garden pool in your own garden great relaxation area

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