Garden With Gravel – Create A Beautiful And Easy-care Garden!

Anyone who chooses a garden design with stones, likes to use decorative gravel , Because gravel gives you numerous opportunities to design a beautiful garden with gravel surfaces. Fine or coarse and in different colors: Gravel in the garden provides a natural flair and an orderly look. Still, it does matter how you put the gravel in the garden. The use of a gravel grate would be a practical solution, because the footpath, driveway, parking lot and terrace are made much more stable and neat in this way…

Garden with gravel design – Mediterranean dining area with decorative gravel


Gravel paths and pebble beds have a unique charm! In the modern, English or Japanese garden, as well as in the rural garden enjoy this particular popularity. But without hesitation on their longevity you can enjoy this better!

Often gravel beds are created instead of green areas in a garden. They are a nice contrast to the green lawn. They look good all year long. They are a great eye-catcher, but are they easy to look after? Gravel surfaces provide a modern garden look. However, it is not enough to simply distribute pebbles in the garden… A few steps lead to the beautiful garden with gravel!

How to design a gravel garden?

Who wants to give his garden a natural and at the same time strange look, often considers a gravel garden into consideration. But do not be fooled that the garden with gravel requires little work! Your beautiful gravel garden is almost finished! However, you can not just dump the gravel in the garden! Only when you acquire the necessary amount of gravel, the real work begins! There are several preparations to make. Weeding and paving give the start. The laying of a weed fleece is the next step. If you want to use plants, cut only at the desired places! Herbs, drought resistant stone garden perennials or grasses are best suited for your gravel garden, Mediterranean plants as well. You could make them in small groups, but they must appear naturally.

Design the garden with Taunuskies

garden with gravel taunuskies dekoideen garden


If you want to design a decorative gravel garden, you should expect an optimal gravel layer density of at least five to eight centimeters thick. For less work in the gravel garden, place a weed fleece under your gravel layer.

After you have designed beautiful gravel paths and beds in the garden, you should brush them regularly from the foliage, so that no weeds form. But how do you design beautiful, easy-care and trace-free driveways and garden paths? With the help of a gravel grid!

Which are the steps to a gravel garden?


What are gravel bars?

So that the gravel does not shift when walking on and driving on, it is recommended to use gravel grates under the gravel surfaces. This makes your surface easy to walk on and passable. You can then easily walk around this area with high heels and even wheelchairs and bicycles are easy to move on. You also get more stability and the gravel surface is easier to care for. This stable base consists of gravel grid , Also called gravel or gravel stabilization plates. These are plastic plates that resemble honeycombs. Garden paths, driveways, parking lots and terraces are made stable, non-marking and easy to maintain. The reason for this is that gravel is kept in place in the grates, giving it more stability and tidiness. Gravel grates are available with and without weed fleece.

Gravel honeycombs contribute to a functional garden design

garden with gravel marble gravel grid


Gravel is therefore a nice alternative to concrete and lawn grates in the garden. A nice optical eye-catcher is this as well. Plan and design your gravel garden properly so that you will have less work later!

Pebble beds contrast beautifully with the green lawn in the garden

garden with gravel garden bed ornamental gravel


Choose a suitable color for the ornamental gravel

landscaping garden with gravel white garden areas


Ornamental gravel with bottom plates string

Garden with gravel garden


In a Japanese garden ornamental gravel is just wonderful!

garden with gravel ornamental gravel japanese garden


Ornamental gravel is a great eye-catcher in the modern garden

garden with gravel fancy deco dekoies


Decorative gravel in white and black ensures an excellent color contrast in the modern garden

garden with gravel gravel black white


White marble gravel is a stylish eye-catcher

garden with gravel white marble fresh garden ideas


Pond decorated with ornamental gravel captivates all eyes!

garden with gravel mirror pond gravel


Design a fairytale walkway in the ornamental garden

Garden with gravel garden path ornamental garden