The Garden Care In Spring – Useful And Practical Tips

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Is there something more beautiful after the long and cold winter than to yearn for a flowering, colorful and beautifully smelling garden?

As in all other periods, you should understand exactly what your garden needs at this time. This is the period in which nature awakens to a new life. The inner juices begin to move. Nature, therefore, is watching for a new life.

Trees and bushes

Most people urgently need tips for The garden maintenance , When it concerns the tree and bush care. This must be particularly intensive with the new species. The theme is very current at the moment, because you like to plant many exotic varieties. They are particularly sensitive to local climatic conditions.

Garden care spring collage

It is good for the final results that you do not lose sight of the final goal. The plants should be able to properly set, regenerate and adapt successfully to the new climatic conditions.

Work again in the fresh air

Garden care spring garden tools

What species of trees and bushes should be planted in spring?

In the period between March and May, trees with hard barks should be planted. That would be oak, beech, lilac, birch, willow. Planting in spring is very appropriate when you live in a region with particularly cold winters. This decision is also beneficial even if you have a ground as a base, which is heavy, poorly aerated, wet and cold.

Magnificent lilac flowers

Gardening lilac tree bush purple

A young oak tree

Gardening young oak tree

Elegant beech in the garden

Garden care tree young beech

The birch trees fascinate with the white bark

Garden care birch garden spring

Suspended weeping willow in spring

Gardening willow tree hanging

Once you have planted the bushes and trees, you will now have to carry out an intensive care for the root system.

But this only after some time. In the bushes after 2-3 months, in the trees – after 3-4 years.

The earth around the trees crumble

Garden care earth crumble

Cultivate young plants

Grow gardening plants

The crumbling of the earth around the trees and the regular pouring may seem to some people very simple. This is the case, but this does not change the fact that it should happen regularly. This contributes substantially to the supply of the earth around this with air. The latter is essential for the healthy development of plants.

Let the earth regenerate around the plants

The help in gardening in this regard is always urgent and important. The plants grow again and again in the same place. In contrast to the flowers, it is not easy to plant them. The earth must have the opportunity to recover.

If the plants do not have enough nutrients, then you should provide them with such nutrients. Otherwise, over time many diseases appear, among which those on the leaves.

If you follow all the tips given for planting, you will be able to fertilize a lot of time. As I said, this can happen in the bushes after a few months and in the trees – after a few years.

Gardening can bring the whole family great joy

Family gardening plants

Pruning the bushes and trees

Do you also need a bit of help and advice in this regard? Both must necessarily be cut before flowering. The temperature must be above 4 degrees.

Here are also the various”Deadlines”you should remember:

– Early flowering plants in spring: April, May

– Cold resistant: November-March

– Such the early leaves get: until early February

– Those which are not colder and always green: shortly after leaves appear

– species that bloom in spring: early in the spring, before the beginning of the vegetation

Lay colorful primroses and daisies

Gardening primrose daisy

Delightful tulips transform the garden into a beautiful spring landscape

Garden fence bank tulips colorful fence

Flowering trees scatter a gentle scent

Garden care blooming tree pink

The time of pansies has come

Gardening early flowering poppies

Magnificent daffodils in yellow and white

Garden care yellow daffodils spring

Fragrant hyacinths in blue and pink

Garden care hyacinth pink blue

The distinctive cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms pink

Idyllic with magnolia blossoms

Garden care magnolia pink tulips

The delicate white flowers of the plum tree

Gardening plum white blossom tree

The perfection of the almond blossoms

Garden care blossom tree almond tree

The majestic rhododendrons are back again soon

Garden fence rhododendron violet white fence

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