The Miniteich: Design Possibilities And Tips

Have you already thought of a miniteich? That would be a wonderful summery project. For your design you need little time or you can buy a finished mini-shop in the trade. Each pond in the Mini format serves as a nice accent in the garden. It also brings freshness and calm. You get all these advantages at the price of one Small space and resources , Learn more about it!

Miniteich in the wooden barrel

Fass miniteich

Miniteich in the garden

The miniature writes well in both small and large gardens. You have to find only the correct function in the design for this. With its size of about one square meter, the mini-pit has to be positioned in such a way that it really comes into its own. This allows you to create an interesting corner.

Distribute several minerals, then these become natural and effective accents. Both the materials and colors of the vessel as well as the plants used are important for this effect.

The stone basin would be perfect for the purpose of a miniteiche

Stone water pond

With a miniteich turn the balcony into a small garden

The Miniteich can also be installed on the balcony or on the terrace. Regarding the design, the same rules apply as in the garden. In this case, there are only a few differences in the installation. You can, of course, put the minite into the ground. That is why the so-called Hochteich comes into play. The Miniteich is placed on a specially designed base.

A miniteich can serve as a great decoration for the terrace

Miniteich plant pot shell terrace

How do you actually make a miniteich yourself?

Miniteich systems are commercially available. However, if the setup process is fun, you can make a pond in mini format. Wine barrels are particularly popular for this purpose. Miniteiche are also made of concrete and many other vessels with the appropriate depth and width are applicable. Particularly with these from wood you should use a pond film. We would recommend this to everyone else. They can be attached to the edges with staples or adhesive tape. Put a layer of gravel on the floor. So nothing will slip.

A high pond for the interior

High pond for indoor use

Water quality is crucial

In this small system, water quality is crucial. The water must first be descaled so that no algae develop. A bubbling water play contributes to more oxygen and thus for the improved water quality.

There are several suitable plants for the small pond

Miniteich in the corner terrace

Ideas for plants

In the next step you need suitable water plants for your Miniteich. You must select those that do not require a very large water depth. For some, the process of using is somewhat more complicated. They are first placed in small pots or baskets with gravel. So they are immersed in the water – first they should be very close to the surface and then be submerged more deeply. Find out more about the characteristics of the plant species you have selected. It is also important whether The different plants Can thrive next to each other.

There are many suitable dwarf species, e.g. The smaller variant of the Teichrose. Also popular are the swan flowers, as well as the pikeweed. The mussel flowers and the water hyacinth are another great option.

There are a number of fishes that could feel good in Miniteich. These are the bitterlings, the sticks and the softies.

Thanks to the Miniteiches you can create real paradisiacal corners

Heavenly corner miniteich

Summary – Care and design

Despite its small size, the Miniteich is a great decorative element of the garden design. This also allows you to enrich the balcony or the terrace visually. Various Colors, textures and shapes are possible. A miniteich is very easy to maintain and practical and everyone can install it.

Do you like the pictures and ideas for the design? Do you feel like a DIY project this summer? Then it all means that you are now starting with your miniteich. We wish you a lot of fun and wonderful results!

Check out the following great video!

Deko miniteich
Miniteich in the cup
Miniteich with koi fish
Miniteich to buy
Zen garden miniteich