To Build A Raised Bed From Wooden Pallets: So Go!

Would you like to build an extra bed? You can choose from several different materials. You can build such a construction from metal, plastic, stone or wood. The first two options are easier to install. In this case you have to deal with prefabricated parts. You can install these without any special skills. DIY projects for raised beds made of stone or wood can be found on the net. They are often preferred, because of their aesthetic effect. In addition, the garden design is more environmentally friendly and healthier.

So, you would like a wooden bunk bed, but you can not build it yourself? We have a solution for you: A DIY project with wooden pallets would be much easier. Moreover, this material is very robust and weather-resistant! Another great plus.

You can easily create several wooden raised beds from euro pallets

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Wooden pallets Build the raised bed yourself – determine the size

Of course you must first take the wooden pallets in the right size. The shape is predetermined in this case. With wooden pallets they can only create rectangular wooden beds.

You have space at the size. You can only assemble a raised bed from five pallets.

Four place on the sides and a fifth as a border. However, you can also build a larger wooden bed by attaching additional pallets on the side and fastening them together. Then you need a larger number of wooden pallets.

Wooden bunk beds are an important part of urban gardening

Flower bed palettes

Screw the wooden pallets together and install a border

First, the wooden pallets must be set up and fixed with one screw each. You can now attach the construction using further ones. Screws should be attached to all interfaces, where slipping would be possible. Rather, you should install some too much than too little. This is because the stability of the entire project depends on it.

Raised beds made of wooden pallets can also be of different heights


Side sealing

If you build a wooden pallet raised bed yourself, you also have different possibilities for lateral sealing. Either you can add additional boards at the side. This is the more expensive option. Another possibility would be to push thin wooden boards into the cavities of the pallets.

You must seal the raised bed with an appropriate foil from the inside

Various shapes upholstery wood

Foil and wire mesh

The next step is the film. You have to cut them according to your raised area. Then place the foil on each side systematically and secure with a tacker. You would also have to install the obligatory wire mesh to the floor. Attach this to the wooden boards using a stapler.

Raised beds made of pallets are easy to install

Can be made with pallets

Border and front boards

After attaching and sealing the side pallets, the attachment of a fifth pallet follows. It should come as a border on top of it. This part of the DIY project is somewhat more complex. You have to remove the side wooden boards so that only the frame remains. It is best to perform this task with a breaker or other similar instrument. Now place the front boards on the border. This is used to seal the gaps between the vertical, transversal boards of the wooden pallets.

For some DIY projects, the front boards are attached to the lower side. Smaller wooden beds are formed on the sides, which are also used for small plants. A third possibility would be the joining together of boards and free spaces.

Flowerbed balcony

Wooden pallets Raise self-build – a creative matter

Although it seems at first sight that we have built wooden pallets with limited possibilities for raised beds, it is different in practice. You have several options here to optimize the process. The raised beds can not only be square and rectangular. Instead, they can assemble different geometric figures.

In addition, you can even create a kind of vertical wall from a pallet. By placing the brow boards from the lower side, you form small flower or herb beds.

A very practical guide is available in the following video!

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