8 Gift Ideas For Boys And Girls

There are many reasons to make a joy to children with attention. But whether birthdays, Easter, Christmas or unique occasions such as communion: to find original gifts, is often not easy. We have arranged 8 gift ideas to help you decide.

Kids gifts for boys and girls

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About Pirates! -Ideas for gifts

Pirates are among the most popular figures of boys. You love the Adventure books and have the fearless stars like everywhere. To ensure that there are various products in the commercial water bottle, backpacks, snack boxes or bedding in the pirate-style. Games and puzzle are also available. Giving thematic experiences is no less recommended. How about treasure hunting with a staged pirate adventures including river crossing on a raft or a trip to the sea Lifemit for example? Plenty, there are ways to give children an unforgettable day as a pirate.

Little Heroes big: firefighter gifts

As an alternative to pirates, the theme of fire among boys is very present. Many kids love the heroes in red and are enthusiastic about the sometimes spectacular rescue operations. Also little fireman fans for several gift ideas in the trade. The spectrum ranges from the towel about match fire engines to puzzle sets, books and tactical. Here too, experience gifts, like for example the visit of a real fire station, can give unforgettable moments.

Ice Queens at the heart

The Disney movie “the ice Queen – completely unabashedly” has stimulated a boom in young girls. While the King’s daughter convinced Anna with a strong character, snowman OLAF caused endless laughter. Toy manufacturers have responded to the massive demand and suitable for the film created a huge offer. Because since he premiere of the film already several years, some of the articles are sold now cheap. Especially online, the potential for savings is large. Amongst other things, the toy retailer myToys leads a separate range for little princesses with dozens children articles to the coveted film, which enjoys enormous popularity today. In addition to the sale offers, you can use high discounts with the help of myToys coupons at www.gutscheinpony.de. The platform has listed current concessions for the myToys range, with one click you can reach there the respective actions.

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Kids gifts – houses to hide

A retreat is generally important for children. An imaginatively designed Playhouse suitable for it. It invites you to hide, play and read. Such houses are available in a wide variety of styles. Knight’s Castle, Princess Castle or rustic dwarf cave. Models are available suitable for every taste and interest.

Endless time fun

Almost every child developed a natural interest in painting. At the beginning of artistic development, the painting of prescribed forms and figures is usually great fun the smallest. Giant time postersare a challenge. You show a great adventure landscape with lots of details, which is to discover and to paint.

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Exceptional sleeping places

If it may be a bigger gift, a unique bed could be a solution. Girls enjoy, for example, beds in the form of attractive fairy tale Castle boys rather about vehicle imitations or ships. In addition to finished kits can build these beds even technically skilled and to find complete plans on the Internet. In the DIY Portal suggestions for simpler alternatives were published under www.heimwerker.de instead, like for example a guide for a Princess bed. Here, a simple Cot was customized with a self-made Crown and wooden beads. Why a Murphy bed well in children may arrived, shows mother Sophie Liège in addition in her blog www.berlinfreckles.de.

Kids gifts – Zorbing wheels

Zorbing for years has belonged to the most popular outdoor sports at all. In an oversized plastic ball, it slopes down rolled or running movements crossing various surfaces. For children, the so called Zorbing-wheel is the less extreme alternative. In contrast to the classical Zorbing, these wheels are open, what an children extra safety is. However, this equipment only under supervision should be used. In the garden, the accessory promises lots of fun. The offspring may themselves, for example, simply put and roll the home garden through lateral Bewegendurch.

Astronomy in the nursery

Planet affect many children fascinating. Reason enough a little closer to look at this issue with regard to appropriate gift ideas. The classical world it no longer is the ultimate. Now remote solar systemsare offered to the exploration of outer space, which is mounted on the ceiling of the nursery can be and are illuminated. Projectors, projecting the sky tent on walls and ceilings are no less exciting. However, the high-quality home Planetarium is not cheap. You should calculate over 100 euros. An illuminated solar system is less available.

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Finally another tip for packing: kids love creative gift packaging and unpacking is then doubly fun. Therefore it is worth to pay increased attention to the packaging also. For small packets, the DIY inspiration Kids Club has a perfect idea:

More tips for beautiful gift wrap here with us at a glance.

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