Designer Kitchenware Set – You Can Play With The Food

Playing with the food is not only acceptable, but also fun and creative, especially when it comes to designer crockery. The refreshing idea of ​​the Polish designer Boguslaw Silwinski puts us in an old, forbidden and almost forgotten tradition, closely linked to our meals in childhood, namely playing with food.

Crockery Set- Complete the picture!

Set on bogoslaw silwinski train

Order and overview of the quantities

It is much more amusing if the food supplements funny drawings on the plates. The enjoyment of healthy food increases when apparently cranes or forklift trucks, according to the figure on the plate, are responsible for transporting the snacks. Simple, almost childish drawings turn our imagination upside down Eat a colorful feast.

Set on bogoslaw silvinski ananas

Food and dreams

Boguslaw Silwinski Designs simple set design in standard sizes of 20.5 and 26 cm in diameter. 6 white, round plates form a plate set, made according to individual, ecological standards and fired at a temperature above 800 degrees Celsius.

Set on boguslaw sliwinski broccoli

The indicated strokes in black and white awaken to the life at the start only a single ingredient. Whether exotic fruits complete the face on the plate or the apples are distributed on loading areas of the trucks, on each plate develops its own dynamics and standalone scenario 0505th

Food – a habit that you have to teach the little ones, in this funny way

Set on bogoslaw silvinski peas

You eat what you have designed

Set on bogoslaw silvinski rosary

Reduced and communicatively, the ceramic plates animate young and old to design the contents of the dishes and play with the food.

Some food is transported by ship

Tableware set face on bogoslaw silvinski karote

Dynamic and exciting

Tableware set face on bogoslaw silvinski rosary loaf

Or a cucumber parachute

Set on bogoslaw silwinski cucumber

Our relationship to the food changed to the good, because the food in between or the front of the monitor is simply out. Now we take more time to prepare food and enjoy, so the”transport”plates or the face with the facial silhouettes exactly meet the current time spirit.

Each charge must be eaten

Table set o bogoslaw silwinski cranes

All of a sudden even buckwheat can be delicious

Tableware set on bogoslaw silwinski buchweizen

So that the food is never boring…

“Love, how many peas do you like?”-“Two carriages, Mama”- The fact that food can be fun is no longer a matter of debate.

Our lives become more conscious and our eating habits change. One can not start early enough with the education of a food culture. Teach children how important food really is!

Tableware set face on bogoslaw silwinski
Tableware set face on bogoslaw silwinski hair

And because the eyes eat

Tableware set face on bogoslaw silvinski rosary loaf

Develop a new relationship with food

Set on bogoslaw silwinski set

Witty, delicious and healthy…

Tableware set face on bogoslaw silwinski sport