Fighter Jet Flying – This Is Not An Unusual Gift Idea?

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fighter jet flies unusual gift ideas

Gift ideas – fighter jet flying

No more boring gifts! Not only friends of aviation or hobby pilots be can surprise you with a voucher for the fighter jet flying . Material gifts to fall in our day and age more and more – the new trend: experience gifts. Give the gift of an unforgettable memory and emotional gift ideas with experience gifts by Fun4You.

Unusual gift ideas

fighter jet flies unusual gift ideas memories experiences

The fighter jet experience will tell Jet flying the superlatives that you will not forget. You have the choice: rather enjoy a “quiet” Jet flight or dare in an unforgettable adventure with an aerobatic flight with a KampfjetAeroL-39 Albatros in Ramjet? No matter what you decide, this day will remain guaranteed in memory. With speeds of up to 800 kilometres per hour, and G forces of minus four plus eight down in your seat and experience a breathtaking rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Erlebnissgeschenke fighter jet flies unusual gift ideas

Together with their trained and experienced Jet pilots prepare for this extraordinary experience gift the fighter jet at the start and put your equipment fully provided. Before starting, please discuss your desired aerobatic manoeuvres and routes with the pilots, with which you are in permanent radio contact with during your Jet flight. Together, roll to the runway and take off rapidly at breathtaking heights. The L-39 Albatros features a panoramic cockpit from the you the views around can enjoy. The jet plane with a wingspan of nearly 10 meters offers tremendous maneuverability and had its maiden flight in 1968. Since then he is as a pilot training Jet training Jet and approximately 1,000 copies are used in some air forces in the world today.

fighter jet flies unusual gift ideas for every occasion

Would you hold your flight in a fighter jet for eternity? No problem: Make your flight to film and show him your grandchildren years later. In this video you will be filmed in the cockpit and a second camera takes flight in the cockpit view. Don’t forget your camera and shoot before and after your experience unforgettable memories.

fighter jet flies unusual gift ideas Erlebnissgeschenk

To find unusual experience gifts for young and old, at Fun4You. Fun4You is a Germany-based experience provider with a selection of more than a thousand great gift ideas and experiences to more than 3,500 locations throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Europe – also in your area. Fun4You offers popular gift ideas, like for example a ballooning, tandem skydiving or a Flight Simulator but also extremely experience unusual experience gifts as a stratospheric flight or a voucher for an aerobatic flight in a historic biplane. At Fun4You, you can order your desired experience online, by phone or live chat service. Like individually advises your Fun4You team and find the right experience gift for any occasion with you together.

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