Gifts For Men – Personalized And Creative Ideas

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A beautiful gift for that friend to find life partner or husband, is not always easy. Most men usually buy the things that they want to have. Wishes they express only very sporadically and if, there are often very highly affected as a trip around the world, a PS strong motorcycle or a Porsche classic car. What are good gifts for men?

Typical gifts for men

Practical things are as popular as electronic devices in many men. They can somewhat functionally or with enthusiasm use the gift has a high value for them. For this reason, following things being given away like to friend:

Key chain
Hip flask
Bottle opener
Case or tongs
Beer glass
Navigation device
Voucher for an app store

These gifts can use most men. You can also search these out even after their individual preferences or hobbies. He is a fan of whisky, a fine glass of whiskey fits very well. A Japanese knives made of damask steel or ceramic maybe is looking for a passionate amateur chef.

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The customization makes the gift special

A lighter as well as other everyday objects is basically only exceptionally, if it is made of a high-quality material such as stainless steel or chrome-plated brass and has a pleasing shape. Otherwise, it has an everyday character too much. But you can also make the fact that lighter and co. are Alltagsdinge to your advantage because your partner every day several times will pick the gift up. Is a unique lighter, he will be remembered each time in a positive way you. Zippos and more high quality lighters can be engraved individually at online stores, for example By your and his name through declarations of love and the date of your anniversary up to life motto – the creativity, almost is set in the engraving. Also images or motifs (E.g. heart, Crest, Crown, etc.) can engrave.

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Make a story out of the gift

Who would like to give the gift still exceptional character, for the design of a whole evening use this as a reason or to tell a story.

Idea 1:

You may invite your partner to a romantic dinner with a multi-course meal. Then drink even a Digestif on the restaurant terrace or espresso, or you run a bit, to marvel at the starry sky. A good cigar, which he wanted to try long ever could be, for example the appropriate moment to give him the engraved lighter. Nice dinner and romantic mood help that your partner will keep the gift and the moment of giving long in memory and thus the lighter estimates even more value.

geschänke for men gift ideas electronics

Idea # 2:

On a balmy summer evening, you could go to your common favorite place on a Lake, on a hill, or a castle there to picnic. If it then searches the bottle opener to open his beer, you give him his present, an engraved bottle opener.

Idea 3:

You can select several gifts and depict such important milestones in his life with them. You can do following things together in a gift basket or in a wooden box:

A framed picture of his training.
An engraved flask in which you fill the liquor, which he drank with his school friends on his graduation.
The cigar, he was smoking when he finally got his dream job or is promoted for the first time. With an engraved lighter he can burn then on his birthday.

As he unpacks the individual gifts, you can explain to him the meaning of things and retell his story so. Best take both time and enjoy the beautiful memories together.

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