Handmade Silver Rings And Other Precious Items On DaWanda

Designer silver rings inspired by nature

If artists and designers need new creative ideas, very often contact the inexhaustible source of inspiration in nature. There, everything is somehow… of course. In each area you can feel balance then intuitively relaxing this influence – and security at the same time. Especially when the jewelry is that perception directly and intensively, because the pieces of jewellery also constantly on the skin can be and are sometimes even from the own body feels a part. In emotions and memories often hidden. Silver rings, for example are an undisputed classic in the realm of jewelry. Not only the fabulous properties of this precious metal, but also its bright or oxidized look and feel cool, making it one of the most popular materials for jewelry pieces at all. Silver is just getting in.

Ana Kroll much so is a passionate Designer, mostly with recycled sterling silver. You celebrated the forms of nature in each individual creation and developed with great attention to detail and a deep, creative sensibility. In your DaWanda online shop you will find not only elegant Silver rings, but also pieces of jewelry made of gold. She’s chains and wire, leather and semi-precious stones AAA using only high-quality materials – silver, gold filled quality.

Set of 3 oxidized silver rings with Moon stones

silver rings recycled silver gold precious stones hammered oxidized

Amethyst, Moonstone and tourmaline are some of the preferred stones decorating Anas jewelry. Many of the silver rings are hammered and polished the ring track, others are intentionally been oxidized. The designer has a weakness for ring combinations. So she manufactures delicate solid which are worn in 2 or 3 sets.

The rings are but also individually very delicate on the skin.

This solid recycled 925 sterling silver Moonstone and Amethyst are among our favorite pieces certainly. The healing effect of the Moon stone and the intellectual and creative power of amethyst are the perfect combination for the woman of today, which is not only delicate and graceful, but also wise and actively goes through life.

2 set solid recycled 925 sterling silver

silver rings recycled silver semi-precious amethyst Moonstone

However, our secret favorite remains the engagement set. Yes, there are no silver rings. It’s two dazzling creations in Rosé gold with a pear-shaped Moonstone. Although the two rings can be worn separately, they simply belong together and form a fabulous unit – the dream of every fiancé.

Set of two engagement rings made of solid 585 Rosé gold

Silver Rings Gold Ring gemstone handmade gold gemämmert

Silver Rings Gold Ring engagement ring gemstone

Look at everything alone, and discovering even more treasures in the Ana Kroll DaWanda shop. Browse and enjoy the lightness and the noble aura of the pieces of jewelry made of silver and gold!

925 sterling silver Daisy ring and gold beads

Silver Rings Gold Ring beads sterling silver Daisy

Knot sterling silver and 14 K Rosé gold ring

Silver Rings Gold Ring rose gold node rings sterling silver

Spiral rings made of silver, gold and Rosé gold

Silver Rings Gold Ring rose gold spiral Rings

Beads-rings made of silver and gold

Silver Rings Gold Ring jewelry rings handmade beads

Solid: Rosé gold and sterling silver

silver rings recycled silver wedding ring gold wire

silver rings recycled silver hammered wedding rings gold

Request letter ring in sterling silver

silver rings filled letter sterling silver

Solid sterling silver, gold- and Rosé gold

silver rings solid rose gold sterling silver

Filled 925 sterling silver tourmaline

silver rings filled silver gemstones tourmaline green red

silver rings filled sterling silver tourmaline stone