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The birthday is always a special day – to be a year older, not everyone likes that, but something amazing that happens to everyone at least once in the year is to stand for 24 hours in the heart. The partner, the dear friend, or a family member to make this special day, the gift creates great memories and strengthens the relationship. There are tips for planning, ideas, and more in this article.

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To dear friends birthday surprise and give them a perfect day, creates special memories and is a great experience for both organizers and the donee.


A continuous planning is one of the perfect day. Of course this does not mean that every minute must be timed by, but a rough schedule should be, so that everything runs as smoothly as possible and the birthday boy need worry about nothing. So go with the following steps.

Take time

To spend the day in fact together, it is important that all parties involved time – this sounds banal at first, but on the birthday snow often friends, family and acquaintances spontaneously over: so the birthday child must be at least partially inaugurated or just the environment that otherwise stands for coffee and cake at the door. Before passing to ask the birthday because this year so should look like, so is a good idea. Then, an appointment can be made such as, for example, a breakfast date in the city in the favourite Café. This is a safe place and all other activities can be launched from there.


The perfect day looks different for each: one spends it with a good book at home in bed, the others need action and adrenaline. The planning of the day should fit to the birthday child and represent a balanced mix of relaxation, celebration and experience. A new activity to try out, there also is a good idea – the birthday is after all something special. There’s many ways the of athletic and challenging of culinary and creative to the pure adrenaline going. Inspire activities that work as birthday gifts, such as skydiving, murder mystery dinner or cheese and wine seminar. To complete the day, for example, common meals drum around can be built. Before a hearty breakfast, afterwards a special dinner. For this all you may be invited, who had to give up the birthday visit due to the surprise activity.

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The planning is thereby essential: only a well planned day ensures a stress-free, smooth flow.


If the schedule is set, it is concrete. Preparing for the day is first of all that is calculated, what how much time is required. Buffer time to build is a possible idea, after all, unexpected surprises can occur. Also, the day also don’t stress to degenerate.

Is the rough schedule, it goes to the postings. Breakfast can either be actually in the Café or at home prepared – if the birthday girl is a member of the same household, the washing up is of course done by someone else. An alternative is of course to take advantage of the breakfast buffet, a restaurant or a café offering a “table” to choose. Here it is worth but to reserve – just like for all other activities. It would be eventually very annoying, when the implementation of great planning fail, and that no place is more available. As the friends and family should be informed in a timely manner, that evening a joint dinner takes place, when and where they should be and that the birthday child spends a day of surprise, so not should be inaugurated.

A day before

Before the date themselves should be given to what is required. Need the target and the other participants change of clothes for the planned activities? Is the time between breakfast and dinner longer, should be provided for the small appetite. Muffins are for example, because they can easily be transported in a plastic box. Also a little picnic lunch would be possible – all depends on planning your day.

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Muffins are quick and can be transported easily – cake comes also with the perfect birthday.

A bottle of Prosecco in the Thermomanschette here, can occasionally provide a little cheering up and bridge for example the arrival: to prepare these things earlier in the evening and to pack up, saves you stress in the morning and simplified the process. for more trips to refuel the car already, the champagne to be cold and the bag ready to grab, that she must be snapped only , takes the hustle for the next day. When everything is well planned and prepared, also the Organizer itself can spend a beautiful day.

The birthday

It is in doubt for the surprising: get up earlier. Those who live in the same household, should sneak before waking up in the kitchen and prepare breakfast. Opulent decoration part of it of course. When everything is ready, can according to schedule relaxed maintained, until the other is up, or to be helped with gentle wake-up. The goal of the mission – the birthday child – has no idea what stands before her or him in the best case. At the beautifully laid breakfast table can be communicated so either, what the day brings, or not. Each step does the surprised on his day of glory, a new surprise: that not everybody likes however, so should be taken here to the needs.

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Muffins are quick and can be transported easily – cake comes also with the perfect birthday.

Will tell what is the day, this can be done, for example, about the gift of a symbol. It goes to the Stand-Up paddling, a small model helicopter might that, for example, the Bikini or the trunks, for the helicopter flight or for adrenaline-packed experiences, possibly “that you will need today a Deospray – the words!”.

Then we go: if not will reveal what is pending, should be communicated at least briefly, what requires the birthday child, before dinner, then again short time should make to change and fresh to be scheduled. With good planning should then on the day itself nothing go wrong – if you do, just take it with humor. The important thing is that the birthday child spends a day, stress that should not degenerate into. If all goes well, all the better: an unforgettable day is finally a special birthday gift, which is long maintained with many memories.

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