I’ll Give You A Day – The Perfect Birthday

The birthday is always a special day – a year may be older but not everyone, for 24 hours to be in the center is however something great, which should happen to each at least once a year. To the partner, the dear friend or a family member this special day to make a gift, creates great memories and strengthens the relationship. Tips on planning, ideas and more are available in this article.

To surprise your friends for a birthday and to give them a perfect day, creates special memories and is a great experience for both the organizer and the recipient.


The perfect day includes a thorough planning. This does not mean, of course, that every minute has to be carried through, but a rough schedule should be in place so that everything runs as smoothly as possible and the birthday child does not have to worry about anything. So let’s go with the following steps.

  1. take time

To be able to spend the day together, it is important that everyone involved have time for it – that sounds banal at first, but friends, family and acquaintances spontaneously pass by on their birthday: so the birthday child must at least be partially inaugurated or the environment , Which otherwise stood for coffee and cake outside the door. Before asking casually how the birthday should look like this year is a good idea. Then an appointment can be made, as for example a breakfast file in the city in the favorite café. This is a safe meeting point and from there all other activities can be started.

  1. brainstorming

The perfect day looks different for everyone : One of them likes to spend a good book at home in bed, the other needs action and adrenaline. The day plan should fit into the birthday cake and portray a balanced mix of relaxation, solemnity and experience. To try a new activity is also a good idea – the birthday is finally something special. There are many possibilities, ranging from sporting and challenging, culinary and creative to the pure adrenaline rush. Inspiration deliver activities that are also called as birthday gifts Work, such as parachute jumping, kimi dinner or cheese and wine seminar. To complete the day, for example, common meals can be built around. Before an extensive breakfast, afterwards a special dinner. For this, all those who had to do without the surprise activity on the birthday visit can also be invited.

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Planning is essential: only a well-planned day ensures a stress-free, smooth process.


When planning is, it becomes more concrete. The preparation for the day consists firstly, that is calculated, for how much time is needed. Adding buffer time is a possible idea; unexpected surprises can eventually occur. In addition, the day is not synonymous in stress degenerate.

If the rough schedule is, go to the bookings. The breakfast can be either actually taken in the cafe or at home – if the birthday child member is the same household, the washing-up is of course done by someone else. An alternative is of course the breakfast buffet of a restaurant to use, or a café with the offer”laid table”to choose. However, it is worthwhile to book in advance – just like all other activities. It would be very annoying if the implementation of the great planning failed because no more space is available. Likewise, the friends and family should be informed in time that a dinner will take place in the evening, when and where they are to be found, and that the birthday child will spend a surprise day, that is, not to be inaugurated.

A day before

Before the day itself should be considered what is needed. Do the target person and the other participants need change clothes for the planned activities? If the time between breakfast and dinner is longer, should be provided for the small hunger. muffins Are suitable, for example, because they can be transported in a plastic box without complication. Also a small picnic lunch would be possible – all this depends on the day planning.

Muffins are made quickly and can be transported uncomplicated – cake is finally a perfect birthday.

To have a bottle of Prosecco in the Thermomanschette can provide for a little over-breathing, for example: to prepare and pack these things in the evening beforehand, avoid stress in the morning and simplify the process. For further trips, fill the car already , To cool the champagne and to pack the bag so far that it only has to be caught, takes the hustle and bustle for the next day. If everything is well planned and prepared, the organizer can also spend a nice day.

The birthday

For the astonishing it is in doubt: to get up early. If you live in the same household, you should sneak into the kitchen before you wake up and prepare the breakfast. Opulent decoration Of course. When everything is ready, depending on the time schedule, you can wait until the other person is standing up, or when you are gently awakened. The goal of the mission – the birthday child – has in the best case no idea what is ahead of him or her. At the beautifully laid-out breakfast table can then either be told what the day brings, or not. So every step the surprised is doing on the day of his reverberation is a new surprise: this may not be everyone, so the needs should be respected.

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Muffins are made quickly and can be transported uncomplicated – cake is finally a perfect birthday.

If you reveal what is happening in the day, this can be done, for example, via a symbol gift. If it is a stand-up paddling, it can be the bikini or the swimwear, for the helicopter flight a small model helicopter or for adrenaline loaded experiences, possibly a deospray – with the words”You will need today!”.

Then it starts: If it is not betrayed, what should be announced at least briefly, what the birthday child needed, before the dinner should then also once again a short time to move and make freshly planned. With a good planning then nothing should go wrong in the day – if only, take with humor. The most important thing is that the birthday child spends a nice day, in stress should not degenerate. If everything goes well, the better: an unforgettable day is finally a special birthday present, which is preserved with many memories for a long time.

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