Make Original Gifts For The Wedding Itself

Of course, an experienced wedding planner will select the appropriate party favors for the most important day of your life and prepare in time. However, professional wedding planning is often a rather expensive affair and you might want to save a bit or give yourself something for the celebration. This is easy to achieve, if original Favors for the wedding do it Yourself. Depending on the wedding style and your own taste, the small giveaways can be packaged nicely. Favors are meant as a small thank you to your guests and should therefore lovingly crafted or decorated. Take a look at our picture gallery and get plenty of inspiration!

Make gifts for the wedding itself

make diy ideas party favors wedding by yourself

Favors come from the heart

Thanks to the gifts you say not only”Thank you!”. At the beginning of the festival you greet your guests and express your joy and hospitality. That’s why your guests will be even happier if you have made the gifts yourself or at least have packed them, provided they look original and chic.

Here often applies: the simpler, the better. But it is also a matter of taste. And as mentioned before, everything depends on the wedding style. If you want to get married in glitz and glamor, then you should also design the favors in the same style. Here are rustic gift bags made of plucking absolutely out of place. In this case you should rather put on monochrome packaging with small pearls or gemstones or, in the best case, fill small glass bottles and cans with glitter powder.

White organza fabric and fine silk as well as gold and silver are also recommended in this case

making white bags wedding party favors yourself

And if it should be a bit playful or colorful, are suitable homemade french macarons in transparent gift boxes with gold bows perfect for that.

French Macarons as delicious gifts

french macarons wedding favors

We are more likely to wedding favors, which are not necessarily expensive, but are simple and puristic and pamper the senses. And fortunately there are plenty of them. Most of them are very fast and easy to tinker and the results are not only great, but at the same time they are a lot of fun. You can call a good friend for help and get started. At smaller weddings, you’ll even be able to make all the favors on your own.

How about, for example, simply packaged DIY soaps ?

DIY soap party favors make wedding by yourself

Making soap yourself is one of the simplest and most wonderful ideas for favors ever. You can make up to 10 gift soaps from a souvenir shop’s soap block. In addition, you can also transform odorless, already purchased soaps into magnificent DIY gifts. A bit of soap color, essential oils to taste and dried petals then give your soaps the finishing touch.

The same applies to DIY candles – very easy and quick to conjure. Take a look here how it works. Casting jars, vintage porcelain cups and tin cans as well as shells, cones or other gifts of nature can be used as pouring vessels. So you can easily choose the right molds for your candles, depending on where the wedding takes place and what kind of ambiance is created.

Perfect party favors for the DIY wedding

DIY candles party favors make wedding by yourself

delicious Gifts from the kitchen are also a big topic in wedding guest gifts. In addition to the traditional wedding almonds can still prepare a lot of delicious treats and pack original and tasty. Very popular as a gift box – the meaningful mason jars we know from our childhood. Almost everything looks great – homemade cookies, muffins, gummy candy, wedding jam, etc.

Brownie or biscuit baking mixes are a classic

making sweets in glass wedding favors

Delicious wedding almonds beautifully packed in preserving jars

make glass with sweets party favors wedding by yourself

Wellness and well-being gifts are also among the most popular ideas for wedding favors. DIY bath salt , Bath balls, homemade lavender oil and body butter are just some of them. For that you need very few, cheap ingredients and a little time and desire. Especially in the first two you can creatively determine the mixes and the colors and add the desired scent.

Design your own personal DIY bath salt

roses and lavender wedding favors

You can also use different soft colors with each party favor

Badesalz glass party favors make wedding itself

DIY bath balls with a silicone mold made really fast and easy

bath salt bombs party favors make wedding itself

Finally, there are small succulents, cacti and other flowers in beautiful planters. These are wrapped in packing or even newsprint, if it should go even fancier. Plants as gifts also provide more fresh green on the wedding table and are symbolic of a new life.

Small succulents are extremely robust and therefore a great gift idea

make sukkulenten party favors wedding itself
succulent roses glass wedding favors

That’s exactly how cacti are

small cactus succulents party favors make wedding by yourself

Lovingly pack wedding favors for the wedding

DIY wedding gift packaging is just as important as the gift content itself. These are often an integral part of the wedding Wedding table decorations , Depending on style and taste, many materials and packaging options come into question. In addition to the trendy Einweck- and Mason jars and tin cans you can still use a lot of materials. Make small bags of Oranza or burlap or gift boxes made of cardboard and cardboard. Paper bags and envelopes are also easily made and decorated with original stickers or stamps. Usually these are provided with the names of the spouses and the wedding date. Of course you can also print a beautiful, fitting quote on it or write down your”thank you”.

Wooden clothespins look very special and elegant at the same time

paper bags clothespin wedding favors

As you can see, the possibilities of making wedding favors are truly countless. Keep looking down, if you like, and see what else you can do and how to pack the gifts.

Have fun and inspiration wishes the Freshideen-Redaktion!

Rough wrapping paper and tender lace as a creative gift wrap for the wedding

party favors wedding make yourself lace cardboard diy packaging
fabric bags with lavender party favors make wedding itself

wedding favors self-made scrolls diy gift wrappings

small hearts lace diy packaging party favors wedding make yourself

Quite suitable for rustic and purist weddings

plucking bags wedding favors yourself
make soap lavender party favors wedding by yourself
tea biscuits party favors make wedding itself
party favors wedding make yourself plucking paper gift wrapping
make lavender soap wedding favors yourself
make cloth bags grind party favors wedding itself
make honey ideas party favors wedding itself
wedding favors yourself make carton gift boxes

Original party favor for the beach wedding

Glass bottle with shells wedding favors make wedding by yourself

Humorous and original as a gift idea for a wedding

hangover helper kit make wedding favors yourself

DIY gift ideas for real glasses fans

glasses gummibonbons party favors make wedding itself
pour candles wedding favors yourself

Tea mixture in small glass bottles

small bottles of tea flowers party favors make wedding by yourself
Nuts coffee oils honey party favors make wedding itself
notebook paper glass vials wedding favors
party favors wedding make yourself vial of olive oil
make wedding favors yourself

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love |

Canned fans can also breathe…

tin can bending plush party favors wedding make yourself

Just find your perfect DIY party favors for the wedding!

spoons label wedding favors yourself