Make Small Easter Presents Yourself – 33 Original And Easy Craft Ideas

Yes, the colorful Easter is back! Winter mustaches can finally breathe easy. The realm of cold is finally over. Easter bunnies, chicks and lambs are on the rise. As you decorate trees and shrubs with colorful Easter eggs and prepares for the atmospheric festival in the spring. Although Easter is not a second Christmas is great and small happy about little Easter presents, especially if they are homemade. Because nothing is as valuable as the time and attention that you can give to a loved one.

Whether as a classic Easter gift or as a nice souvenir to Easter brunch You can give your friends and family members something tasty or something home-made, and make the festive atmosphere even happier.

Small easter presents lovingly packed

gift bags made of burlap small Easter presents

The possibilities are fortunately numerous. You can draw plenty of inspiration from the great ideas in our picture gallery and, of course, create something new yourself. You will be surprised how unlimited your imagination can be.

Small Easter gifts are meant especially for the children, most often in the form of sweets, but adults also appreciate their attention and nice touch.

So a fresh bouquet of spring flowers or a small Easter arrangement is always just right. As a little tip: Design the arrangement rather than Spring decorations to keep it fresh and up to date even after Easter Monday.

Small Easter presents bring more festive mood with them

little easter gifts tulips gypsophila bouquet

Empty eggshells and egg cartons are perfect for your DIY Easter arrangements

table decoration diy ideas tulips easter eggs small easter presents

An Easter basket is also clearly one of the classics when it comes to gift ideas for Easter. Make Easter basket yourself is of course optimal. But if you do not have enough time for it, then get yourself a beautiful, woven basket and fill it with all kinds of treats and surprises to your taste.

Decorate the Easter basket nicely with transparent foil and a big bow

easter basket small easter presents ideas gift ideas

Even the very little ones can hear something of Easter. How about, for example, cute, cuddly rattles in the form of chicks and Easter bunnies?

These can be easily tinker and filled with cotton wool

rattle tinker diy small easter gifts

Of course, small felt figures with Easter motifs are also a welcome alternative

felt easter bunny tinker little easter gifts

Of course Easter eggs are always welcome at Easter. You can design and give these very simple and original. You will find a colorful collection of Easter eggs decoration ideas of course here with fresh ideas.

Playfully decorating easter eggs

Easter eggs decorate eggshell small easter gifts

Easter eggs shaped like little Easter Bunny

easter eggs diy ideas small easter gifts

You can also bake delicious Easter biscuits yourself and give away

Easter eggs Easter cookies to prepare DIY small Easter gifts

Fortunately, the beloved Easter bunny can be made from almost anything. You just need a bit of time and desire as well as fresh craft ideas, like this one.

The old flowerpot turns into sweet Easter bunnies in no time

DIY easter bunnies tinker with little Easter gifts

Paper plates are also perfect for crafting Easter bunnies

easter bunny made of paper plates make little Easter presents

The paper cups awake with a bit of felt to a new life

paper cup diy easter bunny small easter gifts

And how do you like this Easter bunny glass full of sweets?

sweets in the glass easter bunny small easter presents

Make Easter bunnies with older children from wooden beads

wooden beads diy ideas small easter gifts

The sweet easter chicks are also present everywhere at Easter, especially as little Easter presents. For example, you can make these out of egg cartons using the picture tutorial below. This DIY project is also recommended for DIY with children.

Then fill the chicks with delicious candies

small easter gifts chicks DIY DIY ideas

Funny, creative DIY idea for little easter gifts with clothespins

clothespin gift ideas to easter small easter gifts

An important part of a gift is, as you can guess, the packaging itself. This enhances the surprise and aesthetics effect when giving.

Dyed or originally decorated egg cartons are a true classic for this purpose

egg box pink moss candles pour easter eggs small easter gifts
Easter cookies egg boxes DIY small Easter gifts

Even not decorated egg cartons are suitable as gift packaging

Biscuits Easter biscuits making Easter presents yourself

DIY Gift packaging for small Easter gifts can be easily made of many materials and that very fast and original. Take a look at the great craft ideas below and create your own gift wrapping for Easter.

Much crafting fun and happy Easter!

Original Easter presents

small easter presents easter bunny gift wrapping bathing balls

Make gift bags as easter bunnies

paper bags tinker easter bunny small easter gifts
gift bags themselves make ideas little Easter presents
gift wrapping ideas small easter gifts
small Easter presents make candies
origami easter bunny sweets small easter presents
gift wrapping yourself make diy ideas small easter gifts
tinker little easter presents easter bunnies paper bags

Of course, it’s also possible with little Easter bunny stickers

nail polish easter bunny paper decor small easter gifts

A towel can also be given away without gift wrapping for Easter

towel fold easter bunny small easter presents

And in such an elegant gift box, small Easter presents fit perfectly

small easter gifts tinker easter eggs sweets

A tasteful fabric bag is also suitable as a gift and gift wrapping for Easter

small easter gift fabric bags make your own flowers buttons

Long live the coming spring!

Osterkorb itself make small Easter gifts