Personalize Baby Chain And Discover Even More Gift Ideas

Here you can embroider baby clothes and tinker baby chain

From the Angang’s, the story of “Zwergenhuus” is similar to a fairy tales for children. The founder of the Swiss baby craft store Séverine Engesser originally was going to earn only slightly during your maternity to do so. First she sold the used baby clothes simply online, where you invaded a fresh idea about themselves made dummy chains which put them lovingly shortly thereafter. The young founder was surprised which interest you can have a homemade baby chain. on the day she sent off personally 3 to 5 packages to other mothers, until it became clear to her that her clients were interested in mainly the craft supplies and personalized gift ideas.

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The business concept was carefully thought to and rebuilt in the online shop. A year later, opened the “Zwergenhuus” again and welcomed much more people, who love to tinker and look for individual expression.

Today, one can find a wide range of popular craft materials and yet almost everything around the topic of baby gifts to the nicely designed website by Séverine.

By colored beads, cords, clips, but also baby blankets, stuffed animals and individually embroidered baby clothes can be inspired to craft or gifts abundantly and in quietly.

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Find out what gift for a new born child or a small baby is accordingly and fit, not only in the online shop, but in the enclosed and well kept baby blog. You will be amazed how many small details that make the perfect gift and are perhaps even in the nascent human life, you have just escaped. Immerse yourself in the world of smallest and let yourself be fascinated by the carefully selected Niedlichkeiten. Happiness is measured not by material, but you cannot conceive of it, which a teething ring or a gripping car can leave feelings of happiness or positive memories.

Support the emergence of the character and the personality of your child and accompany the little people through all its stages of development with the appropriate tools.

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