Prepare Gifts From The Kitchen And Give Them To Your Loved Ones

You know: After the feast is before the feast! And it’s just fine! Because one of the nicest things in life is celebration and rejoicing. The occasion is actually only incidental – be it for Christmas, for Valentine’s Day or for a birthday… And what brings even more joy? Of course… the presents! Especially if they come from the heart and are individually selected. Especially gifts from the kitchen not only provide an extra dose of fun, but also for a satisfied palate. A self-made gift, beautifully packaged in wrapping paper and tied with gift ribbon or yarn – just great! Big and small are happy about that.

Pack gifts from the kitchen yourself

packaging gifts from the kitchen

Print labels yourself, cut out a box or box from cardboard or take a classic mason jar as a container – all very simply and in the ultimate DIY look. Apart from the most popular cookies, gingerbread and biscuits, many other delicacies can also be prepared as gifts from the kitchen. How about, for example, a delicious brownie baking mix or a healthy, homemade breakfast cereal?

Brownie Prepare and give a baking mixture with nuts

brownie mix gifts from the kitchen

You can also make original chocolates and chocolates yourself. And if you prefer salty and hearty things, you can refine vinegar or oil with spices or prepare pickled feta cheese. A great gift idea from the kitchen is to mix salt or pepper with various dried herbs in the mill. Even vegan bath salt, a healthy body scrub and many more wellness gifts can be conjured up in no time. One of our favorite gifts that you can make yourself is Tiramisu in the glass , It is created very simply and quickly and tastes just heavenly.

Give away delicious gifts from the kitchen!

Tiramisu in the glass. Gifts from the kitchen

Great smoothies and trendy, healthy drinks, like the golden milk with turmeric, of course, are just as good ideas for gifts from the kitchen. So, only to! Today we have a lot of inspirational gift ideas for you, as well as two very simple and original recipes for delicious gifts that you can prepare yourself. Let’s start with sweetening first!

# 1 recipe: cinnamon syrup

The ingredients:

  • 200 g sugar – brown or white as desired
  • the juice of an orange and water – a total of 200 ml of liquid
  • 2 teaspoons cinnamon – best Ceylon cinnamon

The preparation:

First squeeze out the orange and dilute slightly with water. Put the juice in the pot and add the cinnamon. Simmer briefly (about 5 min.) Strain and transfer to a beautiful glass bottle using a funnel. Finished!

The cinnamon syrup goes perfectly with waffles, pancakes and ice cream

# 2 Recipe: Bread chips

Spicy and crispy – for all ages a delicious gift from the kitchen. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to prepare bread chips yourself. Have fun and good appetite!

To make hearty things out of the kitchen:

Well, as so often in life, the simplest things are the most beautiful and the most original. Prepare as you wish tasty gifts from the kitchen and give them to all kinds of occasions, because goodies are always welcome and appreciated by all.

Be creative and stay inspired!

Even pasta can be packaged nicely and given away as a great gift

Mason jar with pasta gifts from the kitchen

Just like homemade jam

jam in a glass of gifts from the kitchen

Of course it is also possible with strawberries and chia

strawberry confiture chia seeds gifts from the kitchen

Strawberries can also be covered with delicious chocolate

Strawberries decorate gifts from the kitchen

Or shape it as a heart

Abby Larson shows off five easy Valentine's Day you can make with the kids

And how about French Macarons for Valentine’s Day?

french macarons gifts from the kitchen

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in the glass is always a great gift idea

Gifts from the kitchen in glass candy cane

No less interesting – fortune cookies with hearts

Lucky biscuits gifts from the kitchen with hearts

Bake cookies and cookies and give away in preserving jars

cookies bake gifts from the kitchen

Beautifully decorating cookies in heart shape

gingerbread valentine's day gifts from the kitchen

For those with a sweet tooth who like chocolate and nuts

Chocolate hearts prepare gifts from the kitchen

Hearts can also be created from candy canes

candy cane hearts gifts from the kitchen

Or do you prefer mini cakes with orange and cinnamon?

mini cake baking gifts from the kitchen

Make a healthy cereal mix

making muesli gifts from the kitchen

Make gift boxes yourself and fill up with delicacies

cookie biscuits gifts from the kitchen

Cookies can also be given as a baking mix in the glass

Preparing gifts from the kitchen in glass baking mix

Design chocolate yourself with rose petals and pistachios

making chocolate yourself gifts from the kitchen

Chocolate cake with Prepare M & M’S sweets

Chocolate cake with candy gifts from the kitchen

For those who like it saltier

Salt in glass. Gifts from the kitchen
preparing gifts from the kitchen with oil and flour
prepare homemade noodle gifts from the kitchen

Give Christmas cookies with icing sugar in beautiful bowls

Making sweets and pralines with icing sugar gifts from the kitchen

A vintage porcelain mug is not a bad idea either

Christmas cookies prepare gifts from the kitchen

Fragrant tea blend in original packaging

Early tea preparation gifts from the kitchen

To match this beautiful pillar candles in the glass

Gifts from the kitchen in glass with pillar candles

Or delicious truffles with cocoa

Preparing gifts from the kitchen in glass

Chocolate candy in a spoon as a gift decoration

homemade gifts from the kitchen chocolates

… or as delicious content

Diy gifts from the kitchen chocolates

You can decorate and season the homemade chocolates as you wish

chocolates preparing gifts from the kitchen to christmas

Healthy, delicious ingredients for a fragrant Christmas cake

Preparing gifts from the kitchen in the glass

WOW… vanilla kipper liqueur… delicious!

Gifts from the kitchen in the bottle

Sweets, gingerbread cakes and candy canes in the glass

gingerbread house candies gifts from the kitchen

Create your very special gifts from the kitchen and celebrate beautifully!

Christmas decoration ideas gifts from the kitchen