Small Craft Ideas And Christmas Gifts For The Family – 20 Ideas

Simple, modern, ideal for crafting with the kids – that’s all the ideas for Christmas gifts or decoration, which we present below. They are intended for minimalists who place a high value on tradition. In other words, the pictures have multiple uses in practice: With our craft ideas, you can decorate the house or give away small Christmas gifts to friends and family members.

There are many crafting ideas for children and adults with gingerbread

Christmas advent calendar in the family

Delicious advent calendar

The advent calendar made of gingerbread is suitable for Crafts with children , He will decorate your house for Christmas and you by the delicious smell To get in the mood. In our example, we decided on the white color and the Christmas star pattern. That’s a pretty simple idea, but basically you could also opt for a more elaborate one.

Christmas gifts from different gifts of nature

Are autumn and winter walks in nature your hobby? Then you can collect some of nature’s gifts and make great gifts with your children. In this case, acorns were taken and their edges were actually beefed up. Great DIY Christmas Decor, is not it?

Ideas with acorns are always suitable for crafting with children

tinkering with children's acorns coloring

Ideas with craft tags

If you are looking for simple ideas for DIY Christmas decorations and gifts, then the craft tags are an ideal material. Many simple figures and patterns you can tinker with it. You can find a great role model right down here!

Knitted gifts are always popular in winter and they are also great as decoration

knitted fir trees christmas decoration

Use the time to learn knitting

The Christmas decoration and the gifts for the festival can be seen as an opportunity to develop a new talent. When we talk about gingerbread – now maybe it’s time to learn how to bake. And here is another idea: At Christmas you can learn how to knit and make such fir trees as in the picture itself.

Christmas crafts can be so easy

Tinker with children's chopsticks

Ideas with plasticine

A simple material for Christmas decorations and gifts is also the plasticine. It is especially suitable for handicrafts with children. In this case, you have full freedom in terms of colors and motifs. So you can experiment with the different Christmas scenes.

Also from plasticine you can make great Christmas gifts or deco yourself

small paper stars christmas in the family

DIY art

First of all, you have to do good things at Christmas. Upcycling is definitely one of them. The homemade art of things that we would otherwise throw away can also be really elegant and stylish. This proves our next example.

Our ideas for Christmas gifts and crafts with children show how broad your imagination could be on these topics. Further inspiration can be found in the following video and pictures.

You can make snowmen from many different materials

snowmen tinker with children

Acorns with colorful decorative elements are great window decoration, but also gift idea

Acorn window decoration Christmas in the family

From these materials you can make great gift wrappings

Christmas greeting cards in the family

You can also make these deers with your children

Hirschen Christmas gifts with children tinker

Or these gift packages?

ideas christmas presents crafting ideas children

The following gingerbread figures could delight your kids as Christmas presents

gingerbread male christmas in the family

Be sure to make some funny Christmas gift wrappings with the kids

funny christmas presents packaging

For a great Christmas in the family even such simple decoration ideas would be enough

Nuts Christmas decorations Christmas in the family

Christmas tree that you can tinker with your children

Christmas tree and Christmas ornament in the family

Paper decoration and Christmas gifts are great for Christmas in the family

tannenbaum christmas presents make yourself

Some ideas for Christmas gifts are sweet in the direct and transposed sense of the word

Christmas decoration with children cake

Christmas and deco ideas made of cardboard are wonderful idea for crafting with children

Christmas presents with children make Christmas trees

Decorating ideas for crafting with children for the Christmas tree

Christmas gifts with children make Christmas tree decorations

The Christmas gifts you would like to pack yourself

Christmas presents with children great packaging

Tinker Fabric Christmas Gifts with Kids

tinkering with children's ideas