Maintain Laminate – How Can You Remove Scratches In The Laminate?

Laminate has always been the number one choice when it comes to modern and clean flooring. This popularity is due to its wood-like surface and the favorable price. How to do this exactly and what you need for scratch removal in the laminate, you will find out with us! Thanks to the so-called click system, the laminate is also easy to install. Unfortunately, however, a laminate floor is not so hard-wearing and sturdy as parquet and on its beautiful surface can appear soon unsightly scratches. Obviously, they are either accidental or accidental. For example, Hard shoe soles and high heels leave dark strokes and stains in the laminate. Such cracks in the floor can get you on the nerves. To ensure that these do not lead to streaks, you must maintain your laminate properly. We have a few tricks to show you how to repair the laminate flooring at home.

Hobby friends watched! Small scratches in the laminate can be easily and easily removed!

Laminate in the living room

Every house owner takes appropriate measures to protect his laminate flooring. However, when moving or transforming, heavy pieces of furniture get insane, often resulting in damage to the laminate. Then you have to act immediately! Small scratches must be removed in time so that they do not damage the smooth laminate surface further.

Superficial katzer can easily be treated with baby or olive oil. Triturate some oil with a soft cloth and the scratches disappear. But if there are any deeper damage on your laminate, you must act courageously and proceed as follows.

Scratches in the laminate? No panic! Just follow our tips!

Laminate as a nice option for the flooring in the living room

What you need to remove deeper scratches in the laminate:

As a step 1 in this DIY project, you need to get a repair kit. Such sets can be found in every hardware store. The packages contain some wax pens which are differently colored. There are sandpaper and a small planer. We advise you to thoroughly clean the laminate floor before you start. Also make sure that the laminate is not too moist. The water must not penetrate the cracks. Otherwise, your laminate sheets might swell, and that is undesirable.

Clean well first, then start repair

Laminate care tips how to remove scratches

Scratch removal is easy for any hobbyist

After this short preparation, we now come to the actual process of scratch removal. If loose parts of the laminate can still be seen on the scratch, you must first remove them with the planer. The surface must be clean, dry and free of grease.

Choose a wax stick in matching color to your laminate. The colors can even be mixed if you need a certain nuance. In the following video, you can follow the entire process closely.

Here you can see how to work with the repair set. From cautious wax application to removal of the small dried particles, everything is illustrated down to the smallest detail. If you have already done this, you can give your laminate the finishing touch and polish the newly repaired spot.

Create a repair kit!

Repair laminate and remove scratches

Then follow the steps for removing the scratches in the laminate

Laminate repairing tips and tricks

The same work process is repeated when using pastes. Just adjust the color of the paste to the hue of your laminate flooring and then follow the instructions given step by step to a satisfactory result.

Laminate without scratch? Is there such a thing?

Yes, whoever chooses laminate of the higher price class can have a beautiful, clean floor without scratch for years. The quality always counts, but you really have to dig deep into the bag. In laminate different thicknesses of six to twelve millimeters are distinguished. If you choose thicker laminate panels, your flooring will be more robust, more resistant, but more expensive. Depending on the robustness, laminate is offered in various abrasion classes. For the home you can choose the abrasion class 21 to 23. So you have a laminate flooring in your four walls, which is resistant to scratches. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Laminate as you care for this flooring when it comes to scratching

We wish you a lot of fun with scratch removal and enjoy a crackless floor at home!