So Choose A Suitable Carpet For Living Room

The topic”carpet for living room”always needs a particularly deep consideration. In the modern context, this has a number of important functions. In all cases, it sets a stylistic statement. In the well-publicized open housing plans, he can also contribute greatly to the spatial structuring. Not infrequently, residents try through the living room carpet to weld together the color palette and different styles of the entire interior.
Below we have collected some examples of great floor design with rugs for you that meet these demands. Some are designed for kitchens or bedrooms, but are also easy to use in the living room.

Through the blue living room carpet, the room gets a Mediterranean flair

blue white carpet for living room

Determine the style of the home furnishings through the carpet for the living room

We start with an example of stylistic statement. From the whole structure and the color palette of this room it can be determined that one has decided here for a Mediterranean furnishing concept. It could be interpreted in different ways in different rooms.

With the patterned blue living room carpet and the furniture in a similar look you can dominate the Mediterranean style in the apartment.

The carpet can contribute to the visual layout

modern design carpet living room

Define an area

Open living plans They often combine living rooms with kitchens or other premises. The good functioning of these concepts is based on the optimal structuring. Visually, it should be clear where one area ends and where another begins. A living room rug is perfect to illustrate something like that. In the example above, the carpet together with the table determines the representative dining area.

Thanks to the carpet, this room gets a distinctive character

Round pattern carpet for living room

Give the room a carpet character through the living room

Is there a lack of character in your beautifully decorated living room? Maybe you are not sure how to change that without sacrificing the good style? Go boldly at the floor design in front! Experiment with a nice statement rug for living room. The risk is not so big in the end! You can take it away at any time or exchange it for another.

The selected living room carpet fits here super to the topic”Wanderlust”

exotic design carpet living room

So the modern living room carpet always has a clear function in the room. Thus, it becomes one of the most important elements there. Usually, it is best to choose it at the very end. In this way, you can complete your entire interior design concept. Which of these strategies you use, you can decide for yourself.

They make each room more comfortable with a matching carpet

patterned carpet for living room in blue and white

The striped rugs can visually increase the living room to a desired dimension

striped carpet living room different nuances

In this room with two functions, the carpet welds the two areas together

square pattern in beige and blue carpet living room

With the right carpet, a living room can also look more exotic

ethnic radiating carpet living room

The carpet in the foreground corresponds with colors from the back area in this open living space

room-defining carpet for living room

bedroom carpet feminine idea
carpet for living room blue under the table
carpet for living room geometric figures
carpet for living room shared with kitchen

The carpet runner here helps to layout and refresh the ambience

carpet for living runners in open plan
carpet for living room pink and yellow romantic
carpet for living animal pattern

carpet for living room white gray shades
carpet living room wider classic room

The patterns of this rug are ideal for this noble ambience

carpet living room noble-looking pattern
carpet living room large and high room
carpet living room different great patterns
carpet living room washed-out look

And another example of how to revive the living room through a carpet

carpet living room zig zag pattern
in front of the fireplace living room carpet
Living room carpet great animal pattern
living room carpet geometric and great
living room carpet interesting figures
Living room carpet determining room
Living room carpet black white pattern with library