40+ Heidi Klum Hairstyles As Inspiration For Your Chic Summer Look

International top model and quadruple supermama Heidi Klum continues to shine with full brilliance every time and set new styling trends. In addition to her unmistakable smile, her hairstyles are always a real eye-catcher. Whether on the”Germany’s Next Top Model”,”America’s Got Talent”, on the front page of Vogue or Ell e, at the Emmy Awards or as a presenter of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2012, Heidi just looks stunning and thrills with her style and charisma.

Heidi Klum – uniquely charming and extremely stylish!

2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Trendy star hairstyles have always been a source of inspiration for fashion lovers around the world. Heidi Klum is one of the greatest examples of this. She wears her hair predominantly blonde or in ombre – whether as a magnificent mane, in a sleek look, with supple Hollywood curls, knotted into a casual or smooth bun, or braided beautifully at the side.

All her hairstyles are also great inspiration for your next hairstyling, especially if you are looking for blonde or you want to make blonde strand.

Check out these fabulous Haidi Klum hairstyles below and choose the perfect one for you. Who knows, maybe you will soon feel like being on the red carpet or at a big international event. Show the selected hairstyle to your hairstylist first. You should decide together before the actual haircut and hairstyle together, if the hairstyle would fit perfectly to your face and skin tone.

Heidi Klum hairstyles with center parting

The center parting has the advantage, especially with long hair, to make the face narrower and more elegant. A few highlights as blond strands, especially around the front, do the rest. The right make-up completes the whole thing.

Heidi Klum with blond highlights and middle parting

heidi klum hairstyle with casual curls strobing

Slightly graded hairstyle in a gorgeous, summery blond

heidi klum hairstyle blonde with crest slightly stepped

Gorgeous hairstyle with slightly curved hair tips

heidi klum blonde mane gentle curls

Cool, casual wave in the Ombre blond

heidi klum hairstyle dark blond long hair grammy awards 2018

… or elegantly smoothed

heidi klum hairstyle ombre dunkelblond lidl collection

The middle parting is totally great even with shoulder-length hairstyles

heidi klum hairstyle summer shoulder length blond

The perfect summer hairstyle with blond highlights

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heidi klum ombre blonde mane slightly tiered

Long, slightly star-shaped hair, casually tied at the back of the head

heidi klum hairstyle summer hairstyle long casual tied back

Casual elegant, with gold in the hair

heidi klum ombre blond long hair middle parting
heidi klum blonde long hair slightly stepped
heidi klum summer hairstyle ombre blond strobing slightly tiered
heidi klum hairstyle blonde long mane with strands

Heidi Klum hairstyles with side parting

The side crest definitely experiences a comeback this year. You can see it all over the catwalks and the red carpets worldwide. Of course, this trend also looks great with Heidi Klum. This hairstyle stands for first-class style and feminine elegance.

With the side log, the facial features become even softer and more appealing

heidi klum long hair with side vertex

This also applies to the popular Long Bob

heidi klum long bob blonde hair shoulder length
long bob blond heidi klum hairstyle summer
heidi klum blond bob side parting

As well as for waves and curls

heidi klum light curls shoulder-length hair
heidi klum beautiful curls blonde long hair

A chic hair clip on this often works wonders

heidi klum with hair clip blonde mane

The combination of side vertex and wet look is currently one of the hottest hairstyling trends

long hair free at the side heidi klum hairstyle
heidi klum haircut New Heidi Klum

The hair length plays a less important role

heidi klum smooth blonde hair pulled back
heidi klum summer hairstyle blond half length smooth with side parting
heidi klum hairstyle bob pinned up

Heidi Klum hairstyles with pony

Also called bangs, the pony hairstyle is without doubt one of the most popular, timeless classics. Heidi has always loved this hairstyle and completely cope. Thus the star looks even more girlishly beautiful and much more seductive.

Heidi Klum with trendy pony hairstyle

heidi klum pony hairstyle for the summer

Ponytail and imposing earrings give Heidi’s outfit the finishing touch

heidi klum ponytail with pony
Heidi Klum Bob Hairstyle
heidi klum pony long hair slightly staged

Heidi also likes to support the longer pony

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Heidi Klum hairstyles with beautiful curls

Curly Hairstyles are so versatile and depending on the face shape and style, every woman can choose the right one for herself. Heidi has often worn classic Hollywood curls as well as finer, casual curls, which are especially recommended in summer, because they conjure up a cool beach look.

Noble hairstyle with Hollywood curls

heidi klum hairstyle blond shoulder-length hair with curls

Beach look with natural looking, curly curls

heidi klum hairstyle curls blond mane

Heidi Klum Hairstyles with Dutt

The princess look with a classic bun is without a doubt just perfect for Heidi, especially on the red carpet. The stylish dress and the professional make-up as well as the stunning jewelry are here the best ally of any fashion-conscious lady.

Heidi like a real princess

heidi klum hairstyle with bushes pinned up

The updo looks just as casual

heidi klum dutt updo oscars 2016
heidi klum updo with blonde highlights

No less original – the sweeping bun in wet look

heidi klum upturned hairstyle curved butt
heidi klum updo summer middle parting

Heidi Klum in a side-cut look

Lately, particularly long hair is increasingly worn laterally or as so-called fake undercut hairstyles. This stylish asymmetry is almost immediately an eye-catcher and inspires more and more young and young at heart ladies.

On side hairstyles fit eye-catching, long earrings best

heidi klum blonde hair loosely tied to the side

On the fake undercut side of the hairstyle a few fine braids can be braided

heidi klum blond hair small pigtails on the side
heidi klum hairstyle sides braids
heidi klum summer hairstyle with pigtail
heidi klum sunny blonde long mane

Even retro hairstyles such as the timeless pageboy tailing Heidi Klum are stunning

heidi klum with page cut and long hair

Just feel like a star every day with the best Heidi Klum hairstyles!

heidi klum hairstyles long mane tied behind his head
Heidi Klum at The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival
long mane worn sideways slight wave heidi klum hairstyle