Dirndl Hairstyles – The Style Then And Now

Dirndl hairstyle beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest braided Crown

Be chic and beautiful than ever before!

The hairstyles come in and out of fashion like everything else, but when it comes to Dirndl hairstyles, there are those who simply always amazing work. Check the added video below and read the following lines of yet… Scroll down.

Instructions in video

There’s traditional hairstyles and iyour modern reproductions.

The dirndl hairstyles in the past and nowadays

Dirndl hairstyle then past

Easy, everyday hairstyle

Dirndl hairstyles idea very simple

Traditional Bavarian, which her hair to a bun bears. This is a typical hairstyle and as you can see, you can easily upgrade them and combine with different costumes.

Braided Crown in the past

Dirndl style hairstyles Swiss ladies black white

And the same in the modern world…

Dirndl hairstyles braided Crown ideas

Elle the plaited Crown was the most popular, tradition determineshair many years ago. In different regions of Germany, the women have combined this hairstyle with all their clothes. In recent years, the braided Crown experienced her comeback! Not only in the Dirndl is to see them, but also everywhere in the city fashion world. Great hairstyle that will fit to your Dirndl.

Braided crowns again Dirndl hairstyle braided Crown

Messy bound

Dirndl hairstyles brown hair braid

Here we see another version of hair braid and we love it, how they are shaped in a low, messy bun.

Hats accessories

Dirndl hairstyle past ladies dress

It is difficult to identify the vintage and the traditional hairstyles on these photos, because women wear more hats. The modern Hat’s Fedora with Ribbon, feathers, flowers and other details. Many people are trying to make these hats himself.

Two traditional braids

Dirndl hairstyles hat decorated braids

Kim Kardashian at the Oktoberfest

Dirndl hairstyle Kim Kardashian Oktoberfest

The braided pigtails are the most common hairstyles at the Oktoberfest. The photo left shows a Swiss woman in her traditional Dirndl and even Kim Kardashian admits this is a typical German hairstyle.

Festive mood

Dirndl hairstyles couple dancing

Red hair

Dirndl hairstyles loose braid

If you remove the braided Crown, you get braided pigtails and not many women let their hair hang free and wild. I love this modern, up-to-date hair style that looks great with Dirndl and proves to be as a beautiful alternative to the braid.

Former hairstyles with curls

Dirndl hairstyles curly streak Lady

Ladies from the 1950s

Dirndl hairstyles modern tradition

This image of the lovely ladies is shot… at the end of the 1950s it is quite clear, the Dirndl hairstyles are a reflection of your personal style. Whether you have your hair like long and curly, short and smooth or braided want to wear it depends entirely upon you!

Casually, but tender at the same time

Dirndl hairstyles beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest blonde

Cute pigtail

hairstyles Dirndl beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest elegant

Kim Kardashian

Dirndl beautiful girl hairstyles Oktoberfest Kim Kardashian

Braided Crown – absolute hammer here

Dirndl hairstyles beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest Royal

Braunhaariges girl with plaited Crown

Dirndl hairstyles beautiful girl ideas Oktoberfest neat Brown

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