How Can You Maintain Your Hair Right After The Hair Coloring?

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Hair properly maintain Colorierte

More than 70 percent of German women dye their hair regularly for various reasons. Some want a change in type, the others want to cover your gray or white hair.

Colour in summer and winter especially problematic

Because UV radiation as well as chlorine and salt water swimming pools, pools and the sea strongly attacking just colored hair, a hair coloring is not optimal in the summer. But even in winter tones are stressful for the hair because they are attacked by dry heating air.

Avoid blow-drying

In addition, also blow drying is very unhealthy for the hair, especially for colorized hair. If it cannot be avoided, should be blow dried only with enough distance and only on low speed.

Gentle coloration and UV filter

For color-treated hair looks nice, it needs much more care than non coloured hair, especially during the summer. The Bondaplex care products for Stopperka are a possibility. Make sure in any case on a gentle colorant, protective UV filters and special care for color-treated hair.

Tips are brittle

maintain healthy hair coloring

In the first weeks after the hair coloring colorized hair still beautiful shiny look. This gloss longer pauses especially in dark colors. Blonde hair are faster straw and dry. But after some time become brittle with dark hair especially the ends and break off. Why are dyed hair so sensitive?

Cuticle layer opens

The coloration effect that opens the cuticle layer of the hair and the colour pigments penetrate the hair. Ammonia in the hair dye causes that the natural hair pigments be removed from the hair. Since much stress for the hair, this means a conditioner should be used immediately after dyeing. Usually this is in the Pack.

Hair coloring – what causes the conditioner?

hair coloring hair save

A conditioner after coloring is so important because it ensures that paint residues that remain even after the washing still in your hair, be countered. In addition, it ensures that does the cuticle back enclose itself, which is very important for the hair because it forms a protective shield against external influences. The hair should be dabbed best dry after washing what is most friendly. The care of the conditioner is dry even after noticeably. Then hair are nice and soft and easy to comb.

Special shampoos: longer shelf life and help with regeneration

The conditioner keeps varying lengths depending on the hair length, but usually after three washes. Now, you must use a special shampoo for colorized hair. This is important because this shampoo needs dyed hair is cut too. Also, it ensures that the color will be longer because the color in the hair will be fixed by the shampoo. These products help regenerate hair in many cases and often also have a built-in UV protection, which prevents fading of hair.

Silicone-free shampoos

So the nourishing substances can penetrate well into the hair, you should use only silicone-free shampoos. The silicone place otherwise on the hair, preventing the penetration of ingredients.

Use a rinse after shampooing. This nourishes the hair and makes it later easier to comb.

Hair treatments for moisture

Nice hair coloring hair

Up to twice a week, you can use also a conditioner colorized hair in addition to cultivate and to give it moisture. Products for dry hair and natural cosmetic treatments are particularly suitable. Do not also when styling the straightening iron, since it unnecessarily stress the hair.

Did you, by the way, that is beer good for the hair? A beer treatment strengthens hair and is one of the 10 abgefahrendsten beauty trends. This is due to the brewer’s yeast.

Hair coloring – Cola rations in the summer are particularly problematic, by using our products you create a dazzling look but all year through

hair coloring summer

Hair coloring – hair properly maintain Colorierte was never been so effortless!

hair coloring-healthy looking hair

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