Fashionable Hairstyles 2017/18 -Es Long Live The Short Haircut

Each season bears the appropriate color tendencies and forms, which are regarded as modern in all creative areas. In order for a model line and the corresponding silhouette to appear complete, the hair should also work harmoniously.

The world of fashion is tirelessly tireless with proposals that range from daring to classic and conventional. That is to say, everyone finds his style and his model which best meet his taste.

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Today, we would like to present to you more than 50 Trendfrisuren 2017 and thus the emerging tendencies for 2018, concerning hair.

The first news is that with the end of the year 2017 the hair becomes ever shorter, colorful and cheeky. Braids remain as up-to-date and those who do not want to separate themselves from their long mane and still feel as part of fashion history should choose bright and striking shades for their head.

The short haircut does not exclude femininity

Fashion trends 2017 haartrends 2018

The trendy film series”Game of Thrones”sets the tone for the 2017- 2018 hairy. Gray and white long hairs with a certain color hue are the only ones accepted by fashion this year. For all others, who always want to be In, the phrase”Ab with the hair!”Applies.

No longer up-to-date is the color course, unless they consciously wear the hair with a hairy outfit.

The short haircut can vary from medium to extremely short. Unilateral undercuts, side crests and red, blonde and gray hair are a hallmark of the coming months.

Red is the trend color of the autumn / winter season 2017/18

Fashion trends 2017 brave

Bobfrisuren and Microponys

Although the Bob is always referred to as a classic, wearing a bob is always associated with excitement. Short or long, the Bob is the hit of this season.

A radical change is often surprisingly good

Trendfrisuren 2017 short hair frisur gray

Trendfrisuren 2017 undercut

The classic Bob always appears fresh and sexy

Fashion trends 2017

When coloring the hair you can use the whole color palette

Fashion trends 2017 trends 2018

Short, long, smooth or curly – the pony is again topical

Trendfrisuren 2017 short hair
Trendfrisuren 2017 curly hair


The fashionable alternative to the bob is undoubtedly a short and frayed hairstyle, which seems cheeky, playful and not at all quite practical. There is a lot of struggling for asymmetry, and you can not do anything wrong by cutting your hair by accident. Because the fashion may be extreme and courageous.

Frayed hair and the wet look are back

Trendfrisuren 2017 2018 short and cheeky
Trendfrisuren 2017 frayed

Independent and self-confident

Trendfrisuren 2017 2018 short hair

Boyish, determined and elegant

Fashion trends 2017 to 2018 kuzhaarfrsuren
Trendfrisuren 2017 asymmetric
Trendfrisuren 2017 short hairfrisures 2018 haartrends
Fashion trends 2017 bob hairstyles

Red, red, red are all my hair

Trendfrisuren 2017 red hair

hair colors

As already mentioned, we let the color run in the past and leave the rich solid colors in red, deep black, black-blue, gray-green or all white. The outgrown hairline is the only thing that can be claimed as a color gradient.

By the end of the summer there is no longer a long wait and you can choose a fresh look for the autumn and start cool next season.

Unnatural hairbrushes in full tone – that’s in

Trendfrisuren 2017 blue
Fashion trends 2017 short hair dresses 2018

Outgrown hairline can be quite trendy with the matching hair colors

Trendfrisuren 2017 f
Trendfrisuren 2017 3 women types

Game of Thrones sets the fashionable tone

Trendfrisuren 2017 game of thrones
Trendfrisuren 2017 fine hair micropony
Trendfrisuren 2017 cheeky
Fashion trends 2017 hair colors 2018
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Trendfrisuren 2017 hot hair colors 2018

Trendfrisuren 2017 variations

The long mane is interwoven

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Trendfrisuren 2017 wicking style
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