Great Ideas For Halloween Party

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Not for long, and Halloween is knocking at the door. Who want to have a big celebration on the legs, should hurry up therefore. Hilarious costume party or perfectly thought-out murder mystery dinner: let your guests know and plunge into the preparations! We have tips and information collected here, which guaranteed the party is a blast.


Prepare motto

First, you should opt for the orientation of the party. Is it important that all in costume appear? Is there a special slogan? To bring the guest food and/or drink? It is just a social get-together with creepy pasta and delicious cocktails, you can prepare so the evening – apart from the Deco – like any other atmospheric party also. Want to stage the Halloween extravaganza down to the last detail, it looks different. Then are games and puzzles to the participants before the party can prepare, a great idea.

Great costume party

Will it include all guests in the creepy mood, it is advisable to write a costume contest. The scariest costume of the evening wins a prize concerned in advance. The honor to be excellent eyes of all guests is also due to the carrier. This can be an incentive for Verkleidungsfreudige to give extra effort in her outfit. A good tip: the setting specify – for example, an invitation to the ball in the horror Castle, at a Conference of the mythical creatures or the Carnival of horror. Current movies and TV series – by the walking dead American Horror Story – offer plenty of inspiration in terms of outfits. As long as there is enough room so that all guests in the selection and organization can be creative. The House is decorated according to the theme and set up. As well, music should be played. In detail, you can design even the invitation cards to increase the anticipation and to join the guests on the motto.


Visit from a spirit

Lights off, candles at: Now the spirits are evoked. Tell a scary story and make it a surprise guest visiting you. Or hold a Séance with practices such as glasses back or Ouija. If you don’t believe it, should try only once even! The pointer to the Ouija board moves as if by magic, to answer the Group’s questions. It is properly creepy, if say true experts such as those by Questico (even free) predict the same result on the phone like the Ouija-Oracle. If it actually occurs, may be true what they say about the Halloween night: dwell on this night the ghosts among us.

Premier-class murder mystery dinner

No other evening is so good for a self-organizing murder mystery dinner like Halloween. As the host, it is your responsibility to send invitations, which is what role they will occupy in the evening, including ideas for her outfit at the guests. The role of the killer is awarded to one in the round. At the beginning of the evening, all participants will receive instructions to the Krimifall. In the course of the delicious multi-course meal, it is by all means to find out who the killer is. Such criminal cases with all accessories can be easily ordered over the Internet.


Do you hear howling werewolf…?

An alternative is the game “Werewolf”, for which there is a game guide here. It tells the story of a secluded village, where at night killed an innocent citizen. The next morning, the rumor comes up, one or one among them turn in the dark in a murderous werewolf. Before dark, the villagers need to find out who is the Fiend, otherwise there will be more victims. A game round takes only about 30 minutes, can be repeated but several times a night. The game board has the opportunity to decorate the story and so exciting creepy entertainment to ensure here.

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