Halloween Costume Ideas – Cool Suggestions For Young And Old

Editor   September 10, 2014   Comments Off on Halloween Costume Ideas – Cool Suggestions For Young And Old

Halloween costume cute ideas hero dog baby

A variety of cute and creepy costumes for you

If you don’t want to miss the Halloween party this year, need a thematic Halloween costume! More and more young people and adults want to take part in this holiday and show their odd, attractive costumes. Don’t forget your preparation means to wear a costume not only, but to be a real villain.

In this sense, we have some popular, popular Halloween costume ideas collected to facilitate your choice.

Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costume dresses heroes Devil Angel

Devil or Angel

Combine different dresses in black and white, this pair – to present Devil and Angel. Wings, horns would perfectly complement your look.

Captain Cook

The death

Halloween costume heroes death

Show yourself?

Halloween costume ideas hero Ariel

Why not because masquerade as an attractive person!


Halloween Pumpkins costume ideas heroes spirit

Transformed into a ghost on Halloween! You can apply different symbols and objects – dark glasses, a hat, a lighted candle in hand.

The bad boy

Halloween costume hero black white

Set to a known villain and use an accessory that is typical of him. There are numerous variants – DART Vader, Frankenstein’s monster and other heroes.

The Addams Family

Halloween costume Addams Family hero

This family is perhaps the best known among movie fans. This costume idea is suitable for a group of friends, for example, that could apply to thematic makeup and clothes.

An animal costume

Halloween pink velvet ideas heroes animal costume

The animal mask is also very suitable, especially when it comes to wild animal that behaves boisterous and exuberant.

Catwoman – Kim Kardaschian

Kim Kardashian Halloween Catwoman mask vampire

The lonely ladies, who want to make a special impression, can choose this costume. Here’s the typical colors are red and black.


Halloween costume ideas heroes sexy witch

A witch costume turns out not only as traditional, but also as a very suitable for young people and those who want to spend this holiday with friends.

White Angel

Halloween costume beautiful girl ideas heroes white dress

A child in a tiger animal costume

costume ideas hero Tiger girl

Evil Devil

Halloween muscle costume ideas heroes Red Devil

This Witch’s not creepy, isn’t it?

Halloween costume dress ideas heroes witch

A beautiful mind

Halloween costume ideas heroes spirit ghost

The beautiful angel

Halloween costumes heroes Angel Lady

The little angel

Halloween costume ideas hero Angel

Attractive lady in the role of a devil

Halloween costume ideas hero Dick Teufel

Good and evil in a

Halloween costume ideas heroes Black Angel

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