Halloween Costumes Myself Making: Creative DIY Costumes For Couples

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Halloween costumes myself making for couples

Creative Halloween costumes for couples

You are a couple and would like to show on the upcoming Halloween clear to all this? Then our article is the right place for you. All others are allowed but not immediately look away! As a couple, not only those that have a relationship go. This works but with a good friend a good friend also wonderfully.

Make Halloween costumes myself

Halloween costumes myself making almost food

Buy or make it yourself

The deals you see below, can be purchased. But you can make yourself the costumes on these topics. Sew it completely or use only some of the accessories in combination with neutral clothing.

Alice in Wonderland

Halloween costumes myself make Alice In Wonderland

Batman and Catwoman

These Halloween costumes for couples are really sexy! It is worth in any case to buy those. You look so chic that you always would find an occasion for her clothes.

These Halloween costumes are kind of hard to do it yourself. It is not impossible, to use some of the accessories, particularly for the face. You need only close elegant black clothing.

Batman and Catwoman

Halloween costumes myself making Batman and Catwoman


The vampires are a classic Halloween theme, both for women and for men. For this reason, they fit also for couples. In principle reach the right outfit with matching elegant clothes and a veil of good! Don’t forget of course the teeth.

Be a vampire couple Halloween

Halloween costumes myself making vampire costumes

Pirate zombies

Pirates are basically bad and thus partly due to Halloween. As a topic, they are even maybe a bit romantic but for the horror Festival. Need more mystique and a creepy character. For this reason, you should combine the pirate theme with the zombies.

In this case, women and men with such costumes look equally well.

Creepy pirate

Halloween costumes myself making Pyraten


Now they’re really great costumes to do it yourself! They are so simple and brilliant. You can make from regular clothes. You can wear them again after the Festival.

The ladies take an elegant black dress and the men – pants and T-Shirt… Well, the latter goes for women also, if they so wish. Pictures of bones on the clothing can be applied with a spray that can wash off or with a sticker. The second variant is more practical!

The pair of skeletons

Halloween costumes myself making skeletons

Find just listed themes for Halloween costumes to make good? You can use these or others come up with. It is important that you leave out any of the following criteria:

You must be a pair;
The topic must be easily identifiable;
The costumes look creepy.

And to make the costume yourself, you should give free rein to your imagination and not worry before experiments and errors! One of the skin benefits of own projects is: prepare longer for the Festival and celebrate in a way longer than usual!

Pop art and Andy Warhol

Halloween costumes myself make Andy Warhol

The Black Swan… and of course also the White

Halloween costumes themselves make the Black Swan

“The Kiss” by Klimt – a Halloween costume for couples

Halloween costumes myself making Klimt the kiss

Evil cats

Halloween costumes themselves make cats family costume

Inspired by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

Halloween costumes myself make to second parties

Angry Birds for adults

Halloween costumes themselves get angry birds

Caesar and Cleopatra

Halloween costumes myself make Cleopatra and Cesar

Bank robber

Halloween costumes myself making bank robber

The bakery and the bread

Halloween costumes myself make to two bakers and bread

Did somebody order a pizza?

Halloween costumes myself making pizza

Fred and Wilma

Halloween costumes themselves make for couple Fred and Wilma

Superman and wonder woman

Halloween costumes myself making Superman

Popeye and Olivia

Halloween costumes myself making for couples Popeye

Enjoy Halloween as a couple!

Halloween costumes myself making POPAI

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