Halloween Films – The Solution For Passive Celebration

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Looking for a great Halloweenfilm? Here are 10 suggestions!

Would you tune is like with a Halloweenfilm on this spooky Festival? Here are ten suggestions for you. They are all classics. Perhaps you looked at already which of Halloweenfilme themselves and have almost forgotten it. If not, then you should know the following: every single horror movie is worth!

The evil (Phantasm) 1979

This Halloweenfilm is really down. The evil and creepy creatures that enjoy to steal bodies from a cemetery. The fantastic effects made a real peak production. Director is Don Coscarelli.

There is hardly another night, which is so apt to watch horror movies

Halloween movies horror horror

If you are reluctant to see people on the Helloween, give yourself the classics from the 80s

Halloween movies Phantasm

Halloween (Halloween) 1978

The action takes place in the Halloweennacht from 1963. The six-year Michael pierces his little sister with a knife and kill them. He returns after 15 years in prison, to kill more people.

The night of the living dead (night often the living dead) 1968

A group of people hiding in a small country house from bloodthirsty zombies. So is the beginning of the nightmare story. George Andrew Romero is Director. The film will keep you in power all the time.

There’s the Hellraiser so often on TV and you can see him yet again

Halloween movies Hellraiser

Stephan King can be really unpleasant creepy

Halloween movies's

Trick ‘ r treat – the night of horror 2007

Director and screenwriter Michael Dougherty. He says four unique stories, all of which happened on Halloween. You will awaken unique emotions in you which words are heavily describe.

Evil dead (the evil dead) 1981

Five friends go to a mountain cabin. Without knowing, they free the spirits of dead people.

Halloween movies: A whole night horror and on the Helloween may you not resent

Halloween movies look

The pitch-black night – FrightNight 1985

Tom Holland tells in his Halloweenfilm of a teenager who discovers by chance that his neighbor is a vampire. After he learned the truth, nothing more is the same.

The return of the living dead (damn it, come the zombies) 1985

Everything starts clumsy staff to leave toxic gases into the air. That is sufficient to revive dead zombies.

Scarecrows, Raven cawing, owls and everything always in the deepest night can be a feast!

Halloween films scarecrow

Oil all your squeaky doors. So you creeps less is, when you’re alone on the Helloween

Halloween movies behind the window

Friday, which 13 / Friday the 13th, 1980

Educators are killed during a trip of children by an unknown assailant. This happens in a place where a child is drowned many years ago…

Dance the devil II – now is danced even more (Evil Dead II – dead by dawn) 1987

The sole survivor of an attack by ghosts is locked in a cabin. However, the attack continues, and seems to have no end…

How are the descriptions of these scenarios the listen to?

Maybe you decide however to go out into the world and to dress up

Halloween movies

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