Halloween Makeup – As A Zombie At The Halloween Party

Editor   August 26, 2014   Comments Off on Halloween Makeup – As A Zombie At The Halloween Party

Halloween Makeup zombie scary Schminktips fresh color accents

They occur makeup – Halloween on the Halloween party as a cool zombie!

Maybe something is too early, but have been ideas about how you show up at the Halloween party this year? You will attract not the costume from last year, or? Same applies to your festive make-up. Have you turned up to now into a zombie? If not, then the time has come may. These Halloween make-up was popularized by Lady Gaga in your video “Born This Way”. The makeup is feminine and at the same time enough creepy as the theme of the Festival that requires.

We have compiled some interesting variations. As usual we added a video, that shows you how you can create this cool Halloween on your face makeup. Learn these cool makeup tricks and have fun preparing for the Halloween!

Creepy enough?

Halloween Makeup zombie makeup ideas

Halloween Makeup – follow these easy steps

Lady Gaga has become without doubt as a trendsetter

Halloween Makeup Lady Gaga born this way video

Color code: Black/white

Halloween Schminke ideas zombie face makeup

On the evening before all Saints Day

Halloween make-up ideas zombie woman

Scare your friends and the neighborhood, it stretches the meaning of the feast namely

Halloween Makeup zombie woman

Keep but your femininity!

Halloween Makeup zombie Helloween makeup

Trick or treat!

Halloween Makeup zombie of face painting tips hairstyle lenses

Halloween make-up tips and hair styling

Halloween Makeup zombie of face painting tips hairstyle hairstyle ideas

As a skeleton

Halloween Makeup zombie face makeup bone skeleton

Let your eyes

Halloween Makeup zombie Schminktips ideas

Or use special zombie lenses

Halloween Makeup zombie scary makeup tips lenses

Simple, but effective

Halloween Makeup zombie ideas creepy Schminktips

Get rid of your cute look for a night out and be angry!

Halloween Makeup zombie ideas of makeup tips black white

A cool variation for men

Halloween Makeup zombie face makeup Mr makeup

Show teeth

Halloween Makeup zombie makeup men makeup

Or a vampire the bloody accents but are here – important

Halloween Makeup zombie makeup Mr makeup

Partially melted

Halloween make-up ideas creepy Schminktips

A red-haired zombie

Halloween Makeup zombie of face painting tips black white redhead

…oder Bewitched blue hairy

Halloween Makeup zombie Schminktips black white lens wig

Password: Terrifying and bizarre

Halloween Makeup zombie face makeup color ideas lenses

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