Halloween Masks For Awful Funny Moments And Experiences

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Halloween masks Catwoman cat woman collage

Search the Halloween masks in accordance with its customs and traditions

We combine Halloween Candy, masks, games. There’s much more than that. If you want to learn more about superstition and pagan customs like, then it is worth some of your icons to explore. This can be masks very helpful you also in finding original Halloween.

Like the Halloween origin itself, these are associated strongly with the Irish folklore.

Black cats

The black cats are a traditional Halloween symbol. They are also a great, somewhat neglected topic of Halloween decorations and masks.

They are sweet and cute also

Halloween masks black cat symbol

Often women choose as a costume party for her Halloween

Halloween masks Catwoman cat woman

The lanterns with Halloween faces

In pumpkins cut out faces call them English Jack-o’-lanterns. Go back to a rather tragic tale. It’s about a drunken farmer who wanted to trick the devil. After his death, he was however rejected before the sky – as well as before the gates of hell.

In the darkness, he has illuminated the path with a lantern from pumpkin with coal from hell

Halloween masks Jack O'Lantern carved pumpkin

Be scary with a cool Jack o’ lantern outfit

Halloween masks costumes pumpkin

Some prefer the makeup

Halloween masks Jack o' lantern make up


The bats are a further, very fitting and very original theme for the Halloween masks and decoration. According to ancient Irish traditions someone would die in a House, to which around a bat three times flies around.

In black lacquer and leather, you can look very sophisticated and mystical as the bat woman

Halloween masks bat Frauenküstum


They awaken fear in many people anyway, but it’s not just that spiders are a traditional Halloween symbol. A superstition says that if a spider in the candle flame falls and burns there, then there’s close to witches.

Artfully crafted skull mask for real Halloween fans

Halloween masks skull spider

And here some spider fanatics

Halloween masks spider

The witches

We conclude with something almost mundane now! The witches are also the most traditional Halloween symbols. But not quite. Historically, there are female personifications. You are not always negative. Halloween and the traditions associated are accompanied by positive female persons, which symbolize such as mother earth and their wisdom.

Try it with a fearsome witch mask

Halloween masks witch

Take the maleficent as a model for the more refined variant of the witches

Halloween masks witch maleficent

Very popular and as Halloween figure obviously are popular Freddy Krüger

Halloween Freddy Krueger masks

Scary creepy continues

Halloween masks scary witch mask

Evil Clowns make for even more horror at the Halloween party

Halloween masks Joker evil clown

Set to classic plastic?

Halloween masks scary movie

Or do you rather prefer the natural look?

Halloween masks scary bloody

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