Halloween Origins And Halloween Ideas With Typical Symbols Of The Horror Festival

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Halloween ideas colors pastry decorating Garland

Halloween origins and ideas – the popular horror Festival is on the threshold

Halloween is a special family celebration. It is associated with many customs and superstitions, and precisely what makes the horror Festival so unique. Take some of the most ancient symbols and make a real fairy tale it! We remind you of some. Some are by the way, relatively little is known.

Seductive Halloween sugar apples

Halloween origin symbols ideas Halloween party sugar apples

Work with Halloween symbols

Halloween ideas, Halloween icons work

The cauldron

The Celts believed that dead people have gathered into something like a cauldron. There, they expected their next rebirth. In their eyes, this was the mother earth’s womb so something like that. So is the symbolism of the boiler. It is strongly associated with Halloween. However, like the witches, the importance was loaded character in modern times with a Schrecken-. Neither the cauldron, yet the female images were just evil and dangerous in the traditional Halloween and the pagan idols of the Festival.

Funny Halloween garlands

Halloween origin Halloween decoration ideas Garland

The cauldron is a nice Halloween decoration

Halloween ideas boilers witch symbols decorating

The Witch’s broomstick

That witches are a consistent theme at the Halloween, masks and decoration probably all know. The few are aware however of the importance of some of their attributes. The older nasty Lady, which one often imagines as a witch, is quite poor according to many. She can afford a horse. She has but magical power and broom handle on which she can fly. In English folklore, there are many legends about gatherings of witches. These ladies get their broom handles.

Witch with green face and beautiful witch Hat

Halloween ideas costumes witch green face

A witch would be no real witch without her broom

Halloween ideas woman costumes witch broom Hat

Costumes with bone and inner body representations

Samhein is called the Irish Festival, which tradition in the Christian Halloween has gone. It was believed that the border between this world and hereafter was very thin on this date. Point out also such costumes .

Original idea for a really scary Halloween costume

Halloween original Halloween costumes bone

The color of Halloween

Have you thought actually what the typical Halloween color picker is related? It goes back again to the famous pagan festivals and is origin closely associated with Halloween . They were connected to autumn and the harvest. You determine the character of the Halloween shades.

They decorated the entrance typically with pumpkins and autumn flowers

Halloween decorating pumpkins decorating input

Drive much mischief

Why are you much mischief in this festival? Perhaps because one with the Halloween masks and costumes more privacy… could afford In any case, something evil games are also an ancient tradition. In the 20-IES and 30-ies of the 20th century, they were somewhat creepy. It may be that this is related to the great depression.

Creepy appearance is desired

Halloween original Halloween costumes ideas woman costumes dress bone

Scary Halloween Makeup

Halloween origin large teeth make up ideas

Fun kids games are an inseparable part of the Halloween

Halloween origin ideas Halloween games children amusing

Sugar Apples

Do you love sugar apples, which are so prevalent during Halloween? Behind it is a fusion of Celtic and Roman traditions. The variants with syrup and chocolate are invented by the modern industry.

Whet your appetite this sugar apples?

Halloween origin ideas Halloween sugar Apple icons

A beautiful and delicious work of art…

Halloween origin Halloween ideas sugar Apple

Do you find it not exciting, that great, ancient traditions in touch come on Halloween? Did you get many new ideas for Halloween masks, costumes and decoration of our article?

Decorate the front door for Halloween

Halloween decoration ideas front door wreath Halloween Bedetutung symbols

The black cat is also a symbol of Halloween

Halloween ideas decorating Asissh bite black cat

Really creepy look outdoor

Halloween ideas decoration horror Festival origin

Princess Zelda and link

Halloween ideas Halloween costumes couples Princess Zelda and link

Kids like colorful costumes

Halloween ideas costumes children colored bones

Together with the family Halloween party

Halloween original Halloween costumes family

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