Halloween Outdoor Decoration – 20 Spooky Decorations For Your Stairs And Gardens

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Halloween outdoor decoration fun scarecrows and large pumpkins

Halloween outdoor decoration – how to decorate scary and chic at the same time?

Still, think about it as you put your guests with your Halloween outdoor decoration in terror? Have decorated everything perfect or miss some spooky details on the stairs or in the garden? Here we have 20 spooky great decorating for you. Thus, your front door or your veranda is an absolute eyecatcher.

Halloween outdoor decoration – the most important symbols and elements:

Spin plastic, felt, from balloons or carved
Pumpkins as lanterns, as gravestones, as owls or creepy characters
Scarecrows as a humorous supplement
Owls from cardboard or pumpkins
Autumn leaves, straw, twigs and decoration bats

This spider bag will scare your guests either immediately or they will be simply fascinated and slowly grasp the trick behind this decoration. Although the spiders look like real, there are of course only decorative insects, cleverly attached to the bag.

Inside, some spiders are inserted to reinforce the horror effect

Halloween outdoor decoration bag of spiders

The next idea is very creative and original. Even if you can get so many pumpkins, too few to achieve the same effect range. Carve the pumpkins with Tomb inscriptions, is as shown below, and place the alleged pumpkin grave stones in your garden.

On request you can equip even the gravestones with candles

Halloween outdoor decoration carved pumpkins as tombstones

This impressive black owls are made of cardboard. They are very easy to mount on both sides of the entrance door. A few branches can in black color and place it among the characters as well as top above the door.

The big OWL eyes look eerie and scary

Halloween outdoor decoration black OWL at the door

If you focus on a Halloween outdoor decorations with spiders, you can see your party store quietly so a large artificial spider or myself tinker. In combination with the spider bags, you have seen above, this creepy Spider will attract even more horror.

Normally, to sell the decorative spider with Web, make that it

Halloween outdoor decoration de John Tiller from felt

You can also easily carve spider motifs on dark green pumpkins

Halloween cool exterior decoration dark green pumpkins and carved spiders

If you want to decorate this year but not so scary, you welcome your guests on the stairs with some breathtakingly beautiful as this jack o’ lanterns.

Intricately carved by hand the pumpkin lanterns emit heat

Halloween outdoor decoration candle lanterns on the stairs

Spiders made of black balloons, why not?

Halloween outdoor decoration Spinenfiguren from balloons

It looks as if the spiders are the top trend this year. They can not only buy, but tinker with all possible materials themselves. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you must decorate only one side. On the contrary – let your imagination run wild and make your Halloween outdoor decoration with much creativity and fun!

Dry plants are very suitable not only for Halloween, but also generally as a fall decoration

Halloween outdoor decoration black antique flower vase

Stacked pumpkins with carved mugs

Halloween outdoor decoration ghosts from pumpkins

Tinker a little OWL from mini pumpkins, berries and seeds and place them in a tree hole in the garden

Halloween outdoor decoration cute OWL from pumpkins

As well you can make mushrooms or snails out of pumpkins

Halloween outdoor decoration large mushrooms from pumpkins

Scary pumpkin faces in the night – spooky enough for you?

Halloween outdoor decoration phantom Jack o' lanterns

Witches broom are a very popular subject for Halloween outdoor decoration

Halloween outdoor decorations witches broom on the front door

How about with a Garland of mini pumpkins at the fence?

Halloween outdoor decoration mini pumpkins Festoon the fence

Or do you prefer large pumpkins full of mice?

Halloween outdoor decorating pumpkins with decorative mice

Window silhouettes can be really scary

Halloween outdoor decoration ghostly window shade

A funny-creepy family from pumpkins

Halloween outdoor decoration pumpkin family

Trick or treat?

Halloween outdoor decoration pumpkin as a stand for sucker

Stand on owls?

Halloween outdoor decoration funny pumpkin OWL

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