Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates – Incredible Pumpkin Sculptures

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

halloween pumpkin carving templates face

Carve sculptures and art pieces out of pumpkins for Halloween

The massive pumpkin sculpture at the Bronx Zoo is designed by pumpkin sculpt United States and carved to devote to public attention of the organization 96 elephants . 96 African elephants for their ivory are shot down every day and you want to support the legislation and save them and protect. The pumpkin carving templates are ephemeral art, associated with charity.

Halloween pumpkin carving templates

halloween pumpkin carving templates elephant ears

These pieces are created by experienced designers Andy Gertler, Jenn Cook, Sue Beatrice and Julia Jankowski. From the beginning to the end 18 hours needed to finish the sculpture. The Group of artists transformed Halloween Pumpkins into beautiful art. The pumpkin carving is a dynamic and voluntary activity which produced huge, remarkable creations as eye-catcher for special occasions and festivals.

Jungle animals carved on a cuckoo clock

halloween pumpkin carving templates watch House

Are you ready for the pumpkin sculpture of a haunted house full of animals? Funny vignettes of animals, carving their own pumpkins around the sculpture. Three days (since Friday), four sculptors Halloween carving pumpkins at the Bronx Zoo. If you’re nearby, come on the Dancing Crane Pavilion and see the exhibition – it will blow you away simply. Many amazing pumpkins are for Halloween this year. These master artists are happy to announce their knowledge, technology and photos therefore seize the opportunity to admire them.

Bad lion

halloween pumpkin carving templates animal lion

Sculptor of pumpkin carving templates

Perhaps you have heard these artists of one. All of which take on different TV shows, newspaper columns and are easy to find on the net. Here we talk about Ray Illafane, Sue Beatrice and Andy Gertler. They are running artists in a variety of media, but when October comes, they turn to their attention of Halloween. Sue and Andy very often collaborate on various projects in addition Sue works with Ray Villafane in the Valdez Studio. Both and more talented artists such as Andy Bergholtz and Chris Vierra cope with innovative pumpkin structures with huge, record-breaking pumpkins.

Loving baby elephant

carving templates exhibition Halloween Pumpkin protection

With carved butterflies

halloween pumpkin carving templates art

Details of the project

halloween pumpkin carving templates elephants eye

Knight and a horse

halloween pumpkin carving templates Knight horse

The latest creation

pumpkins USA idea Halloween

Surrealist sculpture by Andy Gertler

halloween pumpkin carving templates head Andy

Jurassic Park

halloween pumpkin carving templates Jurassic Park pumpkin sculpt USA

The night birds – OWL

Halloween environment tree carving templates exhibit OWL tree

Interesting grimace by Andy Gertler

halloween pumpkin carving templates Andy Getler

Mother and her little ones

mother halloween pumpkin carving templates animals bird

Piratenshiff with opulent decoration

Halloween Shiff pumpkin carving template pirate

A baby with witch Hat Halloween carving templates pumpkin witch Hat

Deco design of a carriage with horses rushing

carving templates horses Halloween Pumpkin

Giant spider

halloween pumpkin carving templates spider network

Mother and baby gorilla

halloween pumpkin carving templates Monkey family

Cute seals

halloween pumpkin carving templates seals

The proud designer with its giraffe

carving templates Halloween Pumpkin designer

One of the designers with the seals

halloween pumpkin carving templates mother love

A design by Jil Cook and Andy Gertler carving templates Halloween Pumpkin dinosaur

Beautiful girl as a witch

carving templates Halloween witch pumpkin broom

The Bunny in the role of a kettle

halloween pumpkin carving templates Bunny

Wild tempest in the city

Monsum Halloween carving templates pumpkin hurricanes

A Scorpion – attack-ready!

halloween pumpkin carving templates Scorpion

Graceful face halloween pumpkin carving templates funny Geischt

The face of an old woman

carving templates Halloween Pumpkin horrible face

Four designs – carved pumpkins

halloween pumpkin carving templates mask

Skeleton suit with cylinder

pumpkin carving templates Halloween creepy man

Attractive and fun on Halloween

Scorpion halloween pumpkin carving Templates Designer

The cute giraffe with a birdie on his mouthpumpkin carving templates Halloween giraffe

Frankenstein ass ass Bunny halloween pumpkin carving templates

A skull of mice formed

pumpkin carving templates Halloween skull mice

Scary Monster pumpkin carving templates Halloween competition United States

Santa Claus

halloween pumpkin carving templates Santa

Two projects – gorillas and crane

pumpkin carving templates exhibition USA

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