How You Did On The Ideas For Halloween?

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ideas for Halloween Black Cat

Ideas for Halloween from different times and countries

Are you always on the lookout for great Halloween ideas? Draw those from its own history of the Festival! We also offer you the opportunity, become acquainted with the Halloween customs in different countries. It certainly more great ideas come.

The Festival brings light to us in the dark and cold

ideas for Halloween decoration

About the origin of the horror Festival

We believe that there are actually no more people, not know origin of Halloween. However, we also always happy to recall the information. To find out any new aspects of always!

The evidence of the origin of the Festival are all pagan

ideas for Halloween Pumpkin new

And as already said: from the story about the origins of Halloween, you can serve many ideas for the Festival. Take that time for our shorter version!

Halloween dates back to an ancient Celtic Festival. It writes “Samhain” itself. The meaning of the term is Association. The Celts believed that on this day the veil which separates the hereafter from our world, is lifted up. Afterlife and this life merge into each other.

In Germany, we find associations for Thanksgiving and the Saint Martin

ideas for Halloween-Samhain Festival

The ritual with apples is a part of the Celtic Samhain

ideas for Halloween Irish KeltischNEU

In the 8th century, the church tried this fixed to adjust the celebration by she appointed the 01.11 for day of all saints. This worked only in part. The Festival counts although nowadays as Christian, integrated but still many of the pagan customs.

Most traditions have their origins in the Celtic celebrations! If you know them better, you can convince himself. From this you draw too many great new ideas.

Before Christianity, all peoples were deeply connected with nature

ideas for Halloween seedling

Nature deity Cromm Cruach, a symbol of the beginning and the end

ideas for Halloween Wicca

About the legends of Halloween, the speech was occasions with us! We therefore object to so another aspect of the Festival: the different kinds of celebration in the world.

Ideas for Halloween from Spain and Latin America

“Dia de los Muertos” is called the Festival in Spain. That means something like “Day of the dead”. It is believed, as well as the Celts in the past also, that the dead return to their relatives. It builds an altar at home for this reason and adorns him with candy, flowers, photos and much food which loved the deceased.

Mexicans honor the dead once a year

ideas for Halloween festival of the dead

On this day all the candles, flowers and festive food get to the cemetery

ideas for Halloween celebrations in the cemetery

In addition to photos of the deceased whose favorite food is placed

ideas for Halloween Mexico altarChina

In China, there is also a festival that greatly resembles the character Christian Halloween. On this festival celebrated the connection between the worlds of the dead and living. Placing traditional food and water next to the photos of relatives. Still, lanterns and bonfires are lit. This should help the deceased to find their way home.

In Guatemala the people celebrate loud and colorful, as it should be

ideas for Halloween Guatemala

To paint and dressing up has all peoples a reason and deep meaning

ideas for Halloween MexicoJapan

We stay a little longer in the far East. There’s also the Festival of lanterns in August. According to alter, the dead return to their birth places at this time. The lanterns on the doors, as well as in China, to help them to come home.

Balinese witches can nurture, but also bewitch

ideas for Halloween Balinäsische witch

If so many people are celebrating something like Halloween, then perhaps there is something about their faith, which is true. Anyway, nothing speaks to borrow ideas from other customs and lend a special character to the own Festival!

Japanese celebrate the feast of life and of death once in a year

ideas for Halloween Japan keepsake Tote

On days such as Halloween, honor and remember people the darkness

ideas for Halloween Mexico food

Orthodox Christians have similar observances even three times in the year

ideas for Halloween Zadushniza

In China, we observe similar traditions, called Zinmindzie

ideas for Halloween Zinmindzie

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