Send Halloween Decoration

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send Halloween decoration with cobwebs and ghosts

Send Halloween decoration – create a unique atmosphere with pumpkins and lanterns

In America, Halloween is one of the oldest and the second most popular party after Christmas.

The ceremony, originally named the evening before all Saints Day, is more than 2000 years ago with the Druids. So it is celebrated on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar. It was originally a pagan honor to the dead in the evening before all Saints Day, actually taken over by Christianity to convert the pagans to the religion. Interesting!

The Celts have believed that the dead night wandered through streets and villages. So that these evil spirits are happy, candy and gifts for them outside of the homes are allowed. The tradition with the suits is simply a strategy the evil spirits to get lost, so that they leave the people alone.

These days, Halloween is an occasion to decorate, to organise parties and having just… much fun. Need inspiration for the Halloween mood, hereby find our tips.

So that your House will be popular in the neighborhood, it takes withered flowers, branches or creepy Moss for the window decoration.

Maybe it was not a deliberate Halloween decoration, but this large lanterns in Orange would be great on Halloween night

send Halloween decoration Orange round lanterns

If your style is more funny than cruel, the pumpkin Topiary are ideal for this time of year.

Not to forget the autumn wreath at the door

send Halloween pumpkins and wreath decoration

The black-orange colour combination of this door is definitely in the mood of Halloween

chic Halloween decorations pumpkin painting on door

The dry corn stalks are also a matching Halloween decoration at the entrance

send Halloween decoration with Scarecrow and corn straw

By night, they make terrifying shadow over the porch. Could so what to buy, but also a friend with a garden to take the material and build it yourself.

The children would stop here

send Halloween decoration creepy death figure at the entrance

Make a graveyard… of course only for the season of your garden.

The tombstones are a quick solution for the space decor

send Halloween decoration artificial grave stones In the garden

Have you planned a Halloween party? If it’s warm enough for a party in the open air, you spread some lanterns and terrifying accessories around the table.

Skull and crows are some of the classics

send Halloween decoration metal lanterns skull table decorations

This decoration is sold online already second year. But hurry, because she will be sold out very quickly.

Small black mice create a unique atmosphere in the stairwell

send Halloween decoration black mice of tattoos on the stairs

You need not describe… the weirdest thing. Have you seen the eye mask on the image?

Sinister Voodoo flair

send Halloween decoration black candles Gaier and cage

Many companies offer templates that are easy to glue and removable.

This is not necessarily a Halloween mask, but the color scheme is ideal to celebrate

send Halloween decoration Orange wall black tendril pattern wall sticker

This beautiful composition can serve not only as a Halloween decoration, but all autumn long.

The bust has a Crown, even as her own suit – idea from Heather Bullard

send Halloween decoration neutral colors of pumpkins and Anktikschale

An other elegant and beautiful exhibition that is suitable not only for Halloween, but for the whole season

send Halloween decoration mini pumpkins in glasses

Happy Halloween! Take a pumpkin and begin to cut him. The children come sooner than expected!

How do you decorate your home for this fun celebration?

send Halloween decoration Orange pumpkins and ornamental cabbage

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