Skull Inspired Decoration For Halloween Of “Dia De Los Muertos”

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skull decoration Halloween candles peculiar flower pattern

Skull and crossbones decoration for Halloween

End of October is Halloween celebrated not only in the United States, but also in Europe, the night of all Saints is 31 10. You can find a certain similarity to the Mexican customs “on the day of the dead”. Everywhere to use the Customs and folk festivals as a good occasion and an ideal issue for beautiful decoration in the House. But on the basis of which failed character is particularly important that it is well used.

After all, I have compiled some examples of “Dead decorations” which can be at home very easily engage in my opinion.

Sleeping pillow

skull decoration Halloween colorful floral pattern

All the nightmares are deterred by these colorful and fun cushions.

Sugar blanket with Tote motifs

Skull decoration Halloween bedding red bedroom

In addition to the white pillows, this red blanket with the nicely centered accents looks fabulous.

Bowl for children’s meals

skull decoration Halloween Bowl Bowl kitchen

Through such a bowl, the child in the school will make many friends!

Skull mug

skull decoration for Halloween Dinnerware glass cup cute

There is no greater proof that you are hard core!

Shaver with skulls

skull Halloween decoration bathroom Spa atmosphere accessories

A piece may be a cool gift for any occasion.

Wall art with shining eyes

skull decoration Halloween colorful flower pattern skull

The cool colors and the 3-D representation of this mask is a real highlight!

Coffee mug with a skull Lady figurine

skull Halloween decoration Teacup ceramic decorated retired

…und even on a bicycle! Incomparable!

Skull candles

skull decoration Halloween candles peculiar flower pattern

It’s a cheap and very original combination of candle.

The book of skulls

skull decoration Halloween reading books black news

There, you can always browse and new ideas.

The wooden Nutcracker

modern decoration wood figurines Halloween design Nutcracker

Such tools would encourage each budget holder or?

Small skull Bank

skull decoration Halloween White striking accessories

Here you can bezügliucb slide for the party de los Muertos or any other occasion save!

Table runner with death motifs

skull decoration for Halloween table decorations black white tablecloth

This is a perfect eye-catcher at the table, where many people as guests are seated.

Cake stamp

skull Halloween decoration kitchen colorful bright accessories

I find the combination of sugar, cake and colour simply gorgeous.

Bowl for candy

skull decoration Halloween kitchen Bowl dish ceramic

A super addition to the thematic Festival.

Colour Papierdeko

skull decoration Halloween colorful interesting Dekomotive

The famous Spanish “papel picado” means perforated paper. You can integrate this great idea from some Mexican restaurants also home wonderfully.

Party Loftballons

skull decoration Halloween gleaming surfaces black

I like so much these pieces! I would use them for every occasion.

Stacking game

skull Halloween decoration structure construction stacking game

So, no party is boring!

Spirit Board – a super game for all ages!

skull decoration Halloween game Ouija party

Corkscrew with skull elements

skull decoration for Halloween Bar Accessories corkscrew

Make the bottle so that if your party has reached the peak.


skull decoration Halloween eclectic accessories poster

We conclude with this so logical, but at the same time such a beautiful idea! I personally would color this poster perhaps. And you?

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