Helloween Costumes – Dress Up Why We Us?

Helloween costumes trick or treat

Helloween costumes and their meaning

Every year on the 31.10, almost the whole world celebrates the Festival of the Gruselns-of Helloween. Usually dress up people and light Jack-o’-lanterns. The kids go dressed up by the House to House and ask for sweet or acidic.  Then there’s candy gift and if the landlord or the Lady of the House are not enough nice, you get paid back.

Since the end of the summer holidays, we see pumpkins, skeletons, masks, witches hats, Helloween in many stores costumes and more accessories that remind us that soon the feast of all Saints is.

Helloween is probably the Celtic new year

Helloween costumes seedling

The dressing is as old as the festival itself

Helloween costumes bird

By the dressing up to protect themselves from the spirits of darkness

Helloween costumes forest spirit

The new year of the Celts is still known as the feast of Samhain-the Celtic god of death

Helloween costumes scarecrow

Instead of wood the Nordic peoples burned bones have shone brighter and longer

Helloween costumes origin

Many of us are pleased that there is a reason to celebrate again, others are wondering, what exactly is celebrated and why are all so strange to dress up. Obviously all fun, but where this festival and what exactly celebrate comes do we have? We have tried to summarize the answer to this question for you.

Many celebrations have pagan origins and Helloween is no exception. The Celts and their priests have celebrated the Druids whose new year on this date.

The evil forces to keep the dress up and paint, together with the fire,

Helloween costumes children

Once a year we celebrate the feast of terror and of the Fürchtens

Helloween costumes Caravane

The Festival symbolizes the parent Gant from day to night and from life to death

Helloween costumes seedling

This is the time in which the last harvest was already collected and celebrated, where the nights are longer and colder and you get to feel the days shorter and always frosty.  This is the end of fertility in nature and a transition to winter, for the Celts an end of the year and temporarily of life meant. Celtic new year Samhain Festival carries deep symbolic significance. The Festival symbolizes the typical autumn day, and the darkness, whose men Samhain – God of death is on the last night of October.

People dress up as witches and skeletons

Helloween costumes exhibition

Some people choose the responsible role of priest

Helloween costumes Priestess

The Nordic peoples celebrated the Festival by Samhein for days. They set fire to large fire to before the darkness not to worry. Tells the story that used the Celts instead of wood, bones of dead, because they burn much longer and much lighter. Animals have been slaughtered and eaten, but also smoked and laid in salt.  It was believed that with the night also the dark forces approaching and to hold it and to protect itself from the people began that night to paint themselves and dress up.

Even if one nowadays believes in no witches, the costume continually impresses

Helloween costumes witches

The terrible, more suitable for Helloween

Helloween costumes Joker

Marketplace for Helloweenartikel in Shanghai

Helloween costumes shop Shanhai

You can make yourself even a scarecrow costume

Helloween costumes Strawman

Ghosts and undead are also a very popular choice

Helloween costumes dead

Just think of the poor people you encounter. It to be all part of the fun

Helloween costumes dead