10 Tips And Natural Remedies That Protect Children From Colds

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Sometimes the cold comes faster than you thought, and that is not always and always a healthy or unhealthy lifestyle. Sudden climate changes or transition times between the seasons can also lead to colds.

Today, we would like to take up a somewhat forgotten subject and deal naturally with the prevention of auyruveda. This time, the health tips are directed especially to the youngest, or perhaps to the mothers who are always looking for the best and the most healthy for their children.

Shortly and in advance we introduce what is once again Ayurveda and why one prefer the alternative medicine in many cases.

homeopathic medicine ayurveda sleep

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a 3500 year old system for healthy life, which the wisdom of the Vedas has collected and cultivated in itself. This system is primarily concerned with prevention and the treatment is performed by natural ones Medicines, plants and spices , According to the system is also the cooking to Ayurveda emerged, which is strictly vegetarian.

A young man preparing ayurvedic medicine in the traditional man

The transition between summer and autumn and how to protect against cold?

  1. Strengthen the defenses of the children

    We start with the children’s room and check the humidity. Especially when the lung is not fully developed, atemproblems occur. Our tip number 1 is to place a humidifier in the room and use it at night while the child sleeps. The air can be enriched with a few drops of pure ethereal eucalyptus oil or camphor. The effect of the two oils allows the lung to expand, providing the body with sufficient oxygen.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda chai

    Baby And Humidifier

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda humidifier nursery

  2. Sleep

    It should not be a surprise for our body to regenerate naturally during sleep. The same goes for our immune system and for our children. Even if you have fixed sleeping times, it is really not uncommon for children to get up late in the night or to go against”go to bed”. However, if you notice the first signs of cold in your children, it is advisable to persuade them to sleep.

    homeopathic medicine ayurveda child sleep
    home ayurvedic natural remedies
  3. Natural salt solution

    Although the spray can is quite nicely designed, it contains much that is not doing well for the health of their child. For this reason we recommend the (best) homemade salt solution from a normal spray bottle.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda child popped salt
    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda salt solution
  4. nasal oil

    Immediately after the saline ritual comes the use of natural oils. Brush the nasal openings with lavender or aloe vera oil using KuTip! This soothes the mind and deepens the breath.

    homeopathic remedies ayurveda himalaya
  5. herbal honey

    A mix of honey and herbs is not only healthy, but also indescribably delicious. In the case of a cold, herbs and spices are recommended which have a warming effect on the body. Black pepper and ginger. Take 2 cloves of garlic and mix with a half cup of honey. Give your child a teaspoon of it every night before sleep.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda herbs

    homeopathy natural remedies ayurveda herbal honey

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda

  6. Digestive spices

    It is said that a strong immune system is often associated with good digestion. All spices in the kitchen have an effect on our body, but also on our mood, so it would be important to use spices, but also to know well. The simplest solution, if you do not cook often enough, would be to cook a tea, into the cinnamon, pepper and anything as appetizing. These spices heat the body and have an antibacterial effect at the same time.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda chai

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda aromas and spices

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda spicy
  7. ear oil

    Drop some heated sesame oil into the ears of the child every night before sleep. This keeps the entire neck-nose system in good shape.

    homeopathic remedies ayurveda ohrenoel
  8. Warm food

    More warm food for children and adults is recommended and therefore no warmed food or warm sandwich on the street is meant. Try to plan more soups and vegetable pots for your daily menu.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda linsen koriander

    home cooked natural ayurveda hot food

  9. aromatherapy

    Therapy with the aromas of essential oils is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you reintroduce lavender oil into the scent lamp or into the water, you will always get a health promoting effect. You can also help with incense in small quantities.

    homeopathic medicinal ayurveda aromatherapy
  10. Pleasant music

    We often think of this, but too few of us pay attention to the noise or the music that is currently running. It would be important, however, to change them immediately, because these are also factors that make us healthy or ill.

homeopathic medicinal ayurveda soothing music 3
Mother looking at her sick child at home
homeopathic medicinal ayurveda soothing music 2

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